This is a Christian blog. It is all about the everyday life of being a Christian.  It is a glimpse of a writer meditating on God’s Word and what he has gone through in this life.  It is about  fellow-shipping with other Christians.  Every one has a story or two to tell in his walk with Christ.  It is about what a Christian thinks about and how he understands God’s Word.  It is about what he heard in a sermon recently or a while back.  It is also about non-believers who are trying to make sense of the world and who ask questions. It is about how non-believers challenge Christians and their faith.  It is about a book that someone read which really had an impact.  It is about how to help a neighbor, a friend, an enemy. It is about sharing thoughts, ideas, and life.

It is about taking the high road – the road less traveled. It is about growing, learning, becoming holy, being holy, being cultured, being a role model, being an influence, being a problem solver, being a mature Christian. It is about being an Ambassador for Christ!

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