There is an old joke which goes: What should you do when you come to a fork in the road? Answer: Take it.

It appears that in my life, I have come across  one crossroad after another –  important junctures in my life journey.   I was at a crossroad when I examined my life and began to study the Bible as a senior in high school.  I was at a crossroad when I decided to stop working as a draftsman and become a  realtor. I came to a crossroad when I  began seriously dating and decided to marry.. I came to a crossroad when I was laid off from a job  which I thought would be a lifelong journey.

We come across crossroads for a reason. They stop us and force us  to make a choice. When we come to a crossroad, the question we must answer is: What road will I now take?

What have been your crossroads in your life? What helped you decide which road to take?

Peter Caro



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