Spiritual Chess Set

In my younger days, I was a good chess player. I learned the rules of the game and learned its logic. I will now show you how I see the chess pieces spiritually and symbolically. You can probably add other symbolism for each chess piece.


The King

Jesus Christ. King of kings and Lord of lords.


The Queen

The Church. The future bride of Christ.


The Bishop

The teachers of the word. The pastor, elder, those tending the flock.


The Knight

The evangelist. Armored soldiers commissioned to go out into battle with the beliefs of the unbelievers.


The Rook

Where the flock gather together – Church buildings, schools, halls and homes.


The Pawn

The members of the Church. The flock. Those learning how to use the sword, The Bible.


The Chessboard

The world separated from the Tree of Life.




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