The Easter Message

Today’s sermon that I heard at services on Easter Sunday, was about :

Three Things Required for Salvation

I intend to post more sermon outlines that I heard at services in weeks. to come  What message did you  hear at services on this day?

The message centered around Acts 17:30-34. Here is a brief outline:

1) You must repent
Acknowledge that you have sinned and  need Jesus Christ.

2) You must receive Jesus Christ
Many believe Christ:
a) intellectually – even demons know Jesus and tremble
b) emotionally
c) by your own will (faith)
It took faith for a cripple person to walk when Christ told him to “get up and walk.”
It took faith for a lame person to be healed when Christ told him to “stretch out your arm.”

3) You must obey God
This message was given by Paul while he was in Athens, Greece
What was the response to his message?
1) Mocking and sneering
2) Hesitation
They wanted to hear about this at a later time.
3) Some believed and followed Paul

Athens’s civilization and its ways are not different than today’s civilization – especially here in New England where there are many Ivy Leagues colleges and universities.

At the conclusion of the message the church sang the old hymn He Lives:

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