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Being good Ambassadors for Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:20) require the ability to understand, and have childrearing skills in this life. This world, our human nature and Satan, and adversity present challenges to us and our children.
For several years, I have read books and have taken a lot of notes from many sermons, speakers, cassette tapes and CDs on this subject of childrearing. I am sure you have also.
Below is a list of titles that I have gleaned from my personal library on the subject of Childrearing. It is my intention and my desire that you use this list whenever you prepare to teach and discuss this subject with other Christians.
Here is my list:

1) 7 Traits You Can Develop in Your Children
2) Principles of Childrearing
3) How God is Childrearing
4) Are You Friends with your Children?
5) Parenthood – The Most Important Job in the World
6) Why Train Your Child to Fear God When Young
7) Respect and your Children
8) Teaching Our Children About God
9) 5 Points on Turning the Hearts of out Children to the Fathers
10) Instructing Our Children to God’s Ways
11) How To Rear Children
12) Those Without Children Today Will Have Children Tomorrow
13) The Strong-Willed Child
14) How To Be An Effective Father
15) Preparing for Adolescence
16) The Child’s Responsibility in Childrearing
17) Quality Childrearing
18) Do Your Children Have a Personal Relationship With God?
19) The Most Important Career
20) Lessons From the Book of Proverbs
21) The Power of Being an Example
22) Lessons from the Book of Ecclesiastes
23) 5 Crucial Ways in Dealing with Children
24) Parental Indifference
25) Lessons I’ve Learned in Childrearing
26) How To Convey Love to Your Children
27) Teaching Your Children Money Management
28) How to Discipline Your Children
29) Really Listen to Your Children
30) How to Improve Your Family
31) Taking the Time to Be With Your Kids
32) Guiding Children Yields Diamonds
33) Rearing Children Reequires Good Example and Respect
34) Draw on Elders and Brethren for Help in Childrearing
35) Give Your Child Answers
36) “Let’s Talk About It”
37) Pray for the Children
38) Toy Guns Teach War
39) I Am A Grandfather
40) Parents: Do You Listen?
41) How Do You Measure Up?
42) Teaching and Being an Example to our Children
43) “Am I In Your Way?”
44) Our Little Monuments
45) Your Word: As Good As Gold?
46) What It Means To Provide For Your Family
47) How Children Are Like Olive Plants
48) Foundation In Childrearing
49) Teach God’s Way To Your Children
50) Childrearing – Preschool Age
51) Childrearing – Preadolescence
52) Childrearing – The Teen Years
53) Children: Chores or No Chores?
54) Biblical Verses on Childrearing
55) How To Encourage Your Child’s Faith to Grow
56) Protecting Your Kids From Negative Influences
57) Relating to Your Adult Child
58) Fatherhood
59) Preparing Your Children for Marriage
60) Developing Your Child’s Prayer Life

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