God is Everywhere, Man

The I AM and The Alpha and Omega
An attribute that makes God an awesome God is that God is everywhere.  God is the I AM. He is the now. He is the Alpha and the Omega – who is, who was, and who is to come (Rev 1:8). He is I AM. He is everywhere, all the time, at the same time! He is in heaven, He is throughout the whole universe, and He is throughout the whole earth all at the same time. He is in Chicago, Illinois and in Moscow, Russia. He is in you and He is in me – all at the same time! God can hear everyone’s prayers and everyone’s thoughts all at the same time. How can He do all this? Answer: He is God the creator of it all.
God and E = mc2
As Creator, He created energy, mass and light. Therefore, God is MUCH beyond the equation, E = mc2. This equation, as we may all know, is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which suggests that when the speed of light is constant, if someone travels at or past the speed of light, time goes slower for him than someone walking on earth. In other words, Scientists say that when you travel at the speed of light, you are now able to influence time. If you move at the speed of light and arrive at a particular location and then returned back at the speed of light to the original location from where you started, you are now at a different moment of time than when you were before. You have traveled into the future. Time, according to this theory, is relative to mass, light and energy. Whether or not this is true, doesn’t matter, God moves faster than the speed of light.  He is spirit. And  He is sovereign over time. God travels faster than time, which He created! Therefore, He moves through time – past, present and future – at the same time, and in the now.  God is everywhere. That is fast, man!
The Great White Throne Judgment
God is at our birth and at our death at the same time! He is at our good moments and at our bad moments, at the same time! He is at your wedding you had years ago, now. He is present at all of your sins  – past, present and future – in the NOW and in the ALWAYS  – at the same time. That is why, at the Great White Throne Judgment, when God judges us, we will not be able to pull a fast one on Him and tell Him He is a liar about our sins. No way, man! God will use this ability of moving through time to instantly bring us to each sinful moment of our lives – all at the same time! God will be judging billions and billions of people, every one, in person, in this fashion, all at the same instant in time! No waiting in lines! Now, if we have repented of our sins through Jesus Christ, then, this Judgment will take on a much different and meaningful drama! Why? Because Jesus Christ is the One who will be with us also at the Judgment as our Advocate (Lawyer)! God is Omniscient (All Knowing). God is Omnipotent (All powerful), And, yes, God is Omnipresent (Everywhere).  Yeah, man! Or as my Jamaican friends would say, “Yeah, Mon!”
Below is a song by Johnny Cash, who thought he went everywhere during his lifetime. In the next life he will be singing a different tune! A better one!

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