What Do You Have Tied Up?

What Do You Have Tied Up?
– written by Mary Whelchel

“What Do You Have Tied Up?” Like the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem, it had to be untied so that Jesus could use it.

God has given all of us various gifts and abilities. For some it is organizational abilities; for some it is leadership. Others are gifted musically. Some are great teachers; some are good at bookkeeping and administrative tasks. The list is practically endless.

But so often I see Christians with wonderful gifts and abilities which they use for their own profit in the business world, but they don’t contribute one iota of that ability to God’s work. It amazes me to see people who feel it’s an imposition to ask them to use that gift—gratis—for the Lord. They get paid for it on their job, and they have an attitude that it’s not proper to ask them to give away that talent.

There’s no question that our churches and Christian organizations suffer because so few people are willing to untie their abilities and give them back to the Lord. We have to stop and remind ourselves of what Paul told the Corinthians, that we have nothing that we didn’t receive. Any talent or ability any of us have is strictly a gift from God to us. Hopefully we’ve developed that resource as we should, but it is nonetheless God’s gift to us. What makes us act as though it’s ours to do with as we please?

What have you got tied up today that God wants to use – your home, your money, your time, your talents and abilities? Are you willing to untie them and give them back to the Lord? When you do that, the joy of the Lord floods your life. If you’ve been hoarding those things for your own use, you’ve been missing out on the greatest thrill and joy in life. And that is to see how God will use what you have if you’ll simply untie it.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy or splendid. All that God asks for is availability. That donkey colt was a humble thing to give to the Lord. But look what the Lord did with that humble donkey: He sat on its back and rode it into Jerusalem in the most important processional this world has ever seen!

I don’t want to get to heaven and discover that God had great and mighty plans to use me which never came to pass because everything I had was tied up and unavailable. Oh, friends, we need an eternal viewpoint; this world is very temporary. Even if Christ does not return soon and we live to ripe old ages of 100, it is a very short span compared to eternity. Why are we so wrapped up in things that have no eternal value? Why do we have all our resources focused on a few short years of our earthly life, when we could be untying them and using them for God’s eternal purposes?

What have you got tied up today that Jesus wants to use?
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Aired on Friday, August 24, 2012
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