My Encounter With A Witch

witch_001It may surprise you just who some of your neighbors, acquaintances and coworkers really are. An experience I had with one person in particular opened my eyes as to the prevalence of the dark side of the spiritual realm.

A few years ago, as a substitute teacher at a local high school, I met  a student who professed to be a witch.

The first time I noticed this individual was in an art class that I substituted just a few weeks earlier. She was wearing black clothing, black shoes, and black makeup. She even wore black fingernail polish. Because the school did not have a uniform clothing requirement at the time as it does today, this made her appearance a very noticeable contrast with the rest of the school students’ attire.

She had been sketching a drawing intensely all period long and as I was about to check on her work, the dismissal bell rang. She left the drawing on the table not caring to store it away for the next day.  I walked over and looked over at the artwork. What was drawn was a figure of a dark ghoulish figure with no neck. I began to suspect that this was more than just art. I sensed that this drawing was not a something but a someone she believed in.

A few days later as I was substituting for a science teacher at this same school, I saw the same student in the classroom. She was still wearing the same color scheme as before – black. As the class began working on its project, I stationed myself a short distance away so I would not be overheard. I then proceeded to ask her questions I had never asked any person before: “Do you believe in spirit beings that we do not see?”

Surprised at the question, she quickly remarked, “Yes.”

I then asked her, “Are you a witch?”

Student: “Yes, I am. I belong to the Wicca  religion.”

I then asked her,  “How did you become a witch?”

She replied, “My aunt is a witch and she taught me about it.”

big bangSince it was a science class, I began asking her questions related to science. I discussed the possible explanations of the origin of the universe and how I believe God created it all. She denied there is a God and referred to her strong belief in the Big Bang and other evolutionary theories as the only explanations of the origin of things.

I told her that I believed Satan is a created being – that he did not self-exist or come into being from a chaotic explosion of matter. I told her that this spirit being was at one time an angel who denied the goodness of God. She immediately changed the subject.

I was very amazed at this conversation. Was this student putting me on? Was she playing a joke on me? I did not believe so.

I then asked her about Halloween and her religion. She said it is their highest religious holy day.

Regarding her religion, the Wicca religion is a fast growing religion in this world. The United States government has already made protective laws in recognition of the Wiccan faith.

According to the Religious Tolerance Website (click here for link) in 2001 there were 134,000 Wiccans in the United States. By 2008 the number had risen to 342,000.

They, like most converts of other religions, are seeking disciples to their way of living and believing. I shutter to this day how many other students in the school had already witnessed satanism and the occult because of her. I know that others today are being impressed with evidence and manifestations of what she believes and causing them to make life changing decisions based on that religion.

In those few minutes in that classroom, I had made sure that professing witch had been witnessed about Jesus Christ. I told her how He lived on earth and how He died and rose from the dead. I emphasized to her that this life is not all there is. There is more to life and it goes on beyond. I told her that the fact that the Satan she believed in is a spirit being is evidence enough that there is a spirit being called God and that the Bible is true.

The next time I saw her again was in a math class.  After giving the assignment to the class, I noticed that she was reading a different book and not working on the classwork. I had to remind her to be on task and to put away her book. She refused. I left a report to the teacher about her behavior.

The following day, I was in the school again and decided to speak to the teacher in person and relate my experience. She told me that this student had given her a very negative letter about how loud and annoying I was to the class. The teacher, knowing her character, did not believe it.


Glinda, good witch of the North
Wizard of Oz (1939)

I believe there is no such thing as a good witch which the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, portrays to the audience to believe. There are no grotesque-looking witches either. All witches have been misguided by an adult or a peer.  All witches are serving satanic spiritual forces in more ways than one. All are in need of seeing the radiance of  the Light of Jesus Christ through His Word.

When you encounter individuals who practice the occult do not hesitate to tell them who you are – a Christian – a follower of Christ. No matter what happens, these individuals, because of your witness, now have had an encounter with God through you, the believer, who has His Spirit. This is a possible step for them to convert later to Christ as God, according to His will, continues speaking to them through other believers in Christ.

All Christians in this dark world always need to be prepared to be attacked, slandered and criticized. Whenever you encounter difficult situations with people, remember the Bible’s reminder that we wrestle not with flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12 ). Also remember that “Greater is He who is in you than He who is the world.” (1 John 4:4)  Do not be fearful or paralyzed into inaction by the existence of these dark forces. Always be an ambassador of Christ on behalf of God’s Kingdom. Be excited that these occurrences are further spiritual proof of God’s existence, love and care in your life.


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