God’s Hotline


Yes, I am Peter.
Who is this?
Funny. I just had a dream about how you would call me.
You have an assignment for me?

How does God “talk” to people today? No, He does not use the phone. If He did, He would be considered a telemarketer, a phony or a scam artist. I wish at times He would use a phone when He wants to communicate with me but, nope.

During the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, supposedly a hotline was established between Washington, DC and Moscow. I recently learned that a device was used which was not a telephone but named the “red telephone.” Nevertheless, a direct communication link was established on June 20, 1963, after the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred. The device was a teletypewriter which was later replaced by a telecopier and then by email. It was intended to be used should future crisis ever occur.

Here is the main point of this message: God taps directly into the human mind when communicating with those in or out of His church or into His service. That is the message of this post.

Please notice something. In the Old Testament, God not only communicated with His chosen people, the Israelites, but also with those who were not of Israel!

For instance:

* He communicated to a gentile Pharaoh using a dream (Genesis 41:1-36).

* He used a donkey/angel to communicate to a gentile prophet, Balaam (Numbers 22:21-39).

* He spoke to a gentile, King Nebuchadnezzar, in a dream and relayed to him the world kingdoms that would come and go until the last days (Daniel 2).

Handwriting on the wall

The Handwriting on the Wall.
Daniel chapter 5

* King Belshazzar saw a hand writing a message on the wall. Was he dreaming? Nope. But his mind went into high gear at that supernatural event! He became frightened and then sought what the message written on the wall meant (Daniel 5). It turned out to be the last day of his life.

These people had to change their way of thinking of who the real God is in order to handle the message they received. They had to seek God’s servants to interpret what they experienced.

Yes, it is true that God used judges and prophets to convey messages to His own covenant people, but He, God, also directly communicated to non-Israelites – gentiles. Why? I have some thoughts about this I want to share with you soon in a future post.

Also, also and also, God usually gets into the human thought mechanism of people first! It is the mind that God uses for getting our attention and transmitting information.  After that, we reach out to Him and He replies back to us.

drum rollHow does God communicate with us today?
May I have a drum roll:

* Meditation
* Studying the Bible
* Praying to God
* Fellowshipping with God’s people and His saints
* Sermons and other messages heard during church services
* Christian billboards or bulletin boards
* Christian tracts
* Christian magazines
* Christians, before and after being martyred as witnesses
* Studying Church history
* Studying Christian apologetic
* Television evangelists
* Messages broadcast on Christian radio stations
The list just goes on and on! Are you getting my point?

Satan also uses the mind in the same fashion. He broadcasts his nature, his temptations, his impulses and his desires to mankind (Ephsians 2:2). He uses the same media God does: television, telephone, the internet, radio, classroom, magazines, and even some churches that are not of God.

God, when He speaks, however, does not, for the most part, force anyone to accomplish an assignment. His ways are gentle. His ways are pure. His ways bring forth a lot of fruit – and success. His ways mostly lead others to Jesus Christ unto salvation. That is the primary job He is accomplishing today. Many of you do not think so, but wait and see the results on “opening day” when Jesus Christ returns to this earth!

PentecostBy the way, all of this communicating is being done through the work of the Holy Spirit. This strongly began to be evident starting on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) when flames of fire were seen above the heads of each recipient. The Holy Spirit was (and still is) God’s hotline to mankind as they become saints for Christ.

I know most of you Christians already know this, but God uses us and technology to do His work. How?

1) We call and invite others to a small group service in our homes.
2) We email messages to others about a soon-coming church event – such as a public Bible reading at the steps of a State Capital building on the National Day of Prayer (in early May of this year).
3) We Twitter encouragement to a nonbeliever about Christ.

Yes, God’s Holy Spirit in you is speaking to others in and out of Body of Christ.

Why is he doing it this way? Because mankind, from the beginning of time, has been rejecting Him. When man fell from God’s grace in the garden of Eden, God no longer communicated with man person to person. He chose to remain, overall, invisible. But He has made His presence and will known to man in order to fulfill His plan of salvation.

When God came to earth in human form as Jesus Christ, He made a personal call to mankind very much as He did in the garden of Eden. Man was talking to God directly, everyday, for three and one-half years. Yet, most of mankind still rejected Him. But it was all according to His plan.

Today, we have His testimony recorded for us in the Bible. He will talk to you and call you into His service in far more reaching ways than ever before.

Why? Because He loves us. He wants us to accept His forgiveness. He wants us to be with Him forever and ever.

That is the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ – that one day, most of mankind is to be at one with God to spend eternity with Him.

God’s Spirit is being poured out today, despite how modern man has disclaimed Him as being his God. And, through technological advances and inventions, God still is contacting people to Him today in greater numbers than ever before.

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