Working For An Incompetent Boss

bossWorking For An Incompetent Boss
– by Mary Whelchel

I’ve discovered that there are certain key relationships for us on our jobs that make all the difference in the world. And, of course, one of those is our relationship with our managers. If you work for a terrific manager, you can almost put up with anything. But the best job in the world can be ruined by an incompetent or difficult manager.

Proverbs 17:9 says,

“He who covers over an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.”


One of the typical things that happens when we encounter an incompetent boss is that we talk about that person in derogatory ways. It’s easy to do. A friend was sharing with me that her boss is very difficult and no one agrees with the way her boss runs the department. She has no trouble gaining confirmation from her coworkers that her negative attitude toward her boss is justified; everyone feels the same way.

It’s likely if you work for a truly incompetent boss that everyone else feels the same way you do, and therefore, at lunch and on breaks that’s what you talk about. Instead of covering up the offense, you repeat the matter and make the situation much worse.

If you work for an incompetent or difficult boss, stop talking about him or her to other people. Pray for that boss; talk to the Lord; get counsel from respected Christians outside the company. But don’t be a part of the office gossip and character assassination that usually happens when you have this type of boss.

Now, when you’ve got those biblical principles in place in your life, then you can start to consider whether it is ever right to confront an incompetent boss, or to blow the whistle on them. Well, there are no black and white answers here because the circumstances would dictate what type of action to take. However, I believe confrontation or exposure should be the last thing we do, after other attempts have failed, and after much prayer.

Mary Whelchel

Mary Whelchel







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