It’s Not My Job

DiplomaIt’s Not My Job
– written by Mary Whelchel

As I was reading John 7 recently, I saw again how God is not impressed with the same things that impress us.

In this chapter, the Pharisees were trying to get rid of Jesus. So, they sent the temple guards to arrest him. But instead of arresting Jesus, the guards started listening to him. They’d never heard anyone like Jesus before, and they were captivated. Later when they went back to the chief priests and Pharisees without Jesus, they were confronted. “Why didn’t you bring him in?” asked the Pharisees.

They answered, “No one ever spoke the way this man does.” “You mean he has deceived you also?” the Pharisees retorted. “Have any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed in him? No! But this mob that knows nothing of the law—there is a curse on them.”

The Pharisees pointed out that none of the religious leaders and educated clergy had believed in Jesus, so therefore he couldn’t be for real. Jesus had no diplomas hanging on the wall, no titles after his name. He didn’t associate with the recognized leaders of his day. Just because the mob was impressed with Jesus didn’t mean anything, because to the Pharisees, the common person was uneducated and their views were therefore not important.

Just like us, the Pharisees judged people by earthly measures: What family did you come from? What school did you go to? What positions have you held? Jesus didn’t measure up in any of those categories. So the Pharisees rejected him.

In our world today we all tend to be impressed with achievements, titles, positions. But remember, earthly credentials are meaningless to God. Throughout the ages God has used people who look unusable to us. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to learn and grow and achieve. It just means we must constantly remind ourselves that our achievements and credentials don’t carry any weight with God.

One thing impresses God: a heart that desires to know and love him above all else. I’m thankful that God isn’t impressed with earthly credentials, because that means everyone, including me, can please God regardless of what the world thinks of us.


1. What specific lessons did you learn this past week?

2. Where do you feel you failed most frequently in your spiritual life this past week? Why?

3. Where did you experience the most victory in your spiritual life this past week? What accounts for these victories?

4. What are your spiritual goals for the week ahead?

5. What changes in your lifestyle may be necessary to achieve these goals?

6. Which things on your To Do List need to be re-evaluated and perhaps crossed off?

7. What may need to be added to your To Do List for this coming week?

Mary Whelchel

Mary Whelchel





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