Will It Happen Again? (part 2)

angels rebelI want to continue my thoughts from last week’s post, “Will It Happen Again?  (part 1). There I asked if any of the angels who had not rebelled against God would, at a future eon moment, also follow Satan’s footsteps of rebellion.

If it happened once, who is to say it will not happen again? After all, haven’t the angels been given free moral agency? Has that freedom been curtailed by God? I say, no, to that. It is God’s will for His creation to be free to choose. That is a whole different topic for a different time.

So, again, let me ask, could any one of the remaining two-thirds or so of the angels – the holy angels – in the far, distant future, repeat what Satan did?

I suppose it may be possible, but after meditating on it, I believe it will never happen again. Here are some reasons why. There may be other ones that come to your mind.

First reason, after Satan was cast down to earth (Luke 10:17-18), the remaining angels, the good angels, from that point on, saw firsthand what sin is. Not one created being knew what the face of evil looked like until the angelic rebellion occurred. These holy angels then had to behold these fallen angels having changed into grotesque character forms caused by their demented attitudes.


Adam and Eve cast out of the garden of Eden

Soon all the angels witnessed God’s creation of Adam and Eve. They were wonderfully made. And because of Satan’s deception, they also sinned. From then on, all of mankind was subject to death. All of the world and all of the universe were also negatively impacted (Romans 8:22). Satan tried (and is still trying) to prove to everyone that the creation of mankind was a mistake. He wanted to convey to God that human beings are not dependable.

Second reason, and here is where it gets interesting with me. Many, if not all of the holy angels had been assigned by God to minister to us human beings as well as to Him (Hebrews 1:14). Can you imagine that? For centuries they have been constantly beholding our mannerisms, our proclivities, our constant evil actions – our human nature – against ourselves. These angels have been watching how we demean one another because of selfishness. They shutter how many of us have tortured others all in the name of nationalism or in the name of religion or both. They have had to watch perversions of what the Almighty God originally declared as good. They have seen the kidnappings, the terrorism, and the extortion of individuals into slavery and bondage. They have been watching, with much sighing, our ongoing grieving when our close family members die, departing from loving homes.

These holy angels have seen:

imagea) the loneliness caused by our adverse addictions to such things as sex, drugs, alcohol, and gambling – just to name a few – which have been wrecking families and society at large.

b) the vanity of our voracious pursuit of money, fame and materialism, without God, which have led to empty and meaningless lives.

c) the abuse of power over individuals, tribes and nations that have led to war and destruction.

These angels have seen how it all mirrors the nature of Satan and what he brought into the world and to those who followed him!

These good angels, who have remained loyal to God, have seen all sins since the dawn of time. Today, there really is nothing new under the sun that they have not seen before  (Ecclesiastes 1:9). What is different in today’s age is the amazing technology used to enhance these evils and have it all instantly broadcast to the entire world.

For example, a few days ago, the world quickly heard about the murder of innocent children in Pakistan by terrorists acting out of revenge. It was so senseless. These angels must have again shuttered at the inhumanity of it all.

After seeing all of this, would any of these holy angels rebel against God? I do not believe so. They must be all sick of the ways of this world and what another rebellion would cause. Their eyes are “tired” of having them often shut at the arrogance of man that worships itself rather than in God.

Yes, the holy angels of God have seen the misery and pain on this earth caused by us, mankind, since the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. But they also know that God has a great purpose for creating us in the first place. What it is  is not fully clear.

So, would I, myself, lead a coalition of beings against God in the future? My limited way of thinking suggests it could be possible. But here is the point: It is all according to God’s will. It was according to God’s will to allow Lucifer to follow through in spreading his propaganda over the angels which led to a rebellion. It was God’s will to have Satan cast down to earth before Adam and Eve were created.

The Bible indicates that Satan will be thrown into outer darkness called, hell (Revelation 20:10). There, he would no longer be around to influence anyone any longer. I do notice, however, that the angels that followed Satan, the demons, are not mentioned here as going into hell. Hmm.

stars universeBut wait a minute! Why was Satan NOT cast down to hell in some far away corner of the universe at the beginning phase of his antagonism? And why was not Satan UNcreated? Why was he not destroyed right away before causing havoc on man? Some of you believe, since he is apparently immortal, he cannot be destroyed? Who says?

Maybe I am wrong to ask these questions. Maybe I am angry at God, subconsciously, for allowing all of the hatred, ignorance, poverty and death to occur on this planet, this jewel of the universe. I mean, why tell Adam and Eve they would die if they ate the forbidden fruit? Why did not God just obliterate them and start all over after they sinned? Wow, sounds like I could start a rebellion against God right now, doesn’t it. But, the question Lucifer may have asked everyone was, why? I ask the same question, why?

Answer: Because it is all according to God’s will. It is only according to His will.  And it will always remain according to His will. Who can understand the depth of His ways! His ways are beyond comprehension! His wisdom knows no bounds!

Perhaps Lucifer somehow had too much idle time on his hands to concentrate on a massive resistance against the Most High. Even so, it was all according to God’s will to allow it to happen.

After Christ returns, will we have the time to develop animosity against God? As new creatures with new hearts, we will have much to do, see and enjoy. No one can now comprehend what God has prepared for us! It is beyond knowing!

Praise God, Hallelujah!

There will be joy overflowing! Family to enjoy. Laughter abounding! Praise resounding! There will be no reason to rebel! There will be no room for hatred! Love will permeate everywhere. The Light of Truth and Life will always be shining on us.

NativityOne evening, years ago, the holy angels also saw a woman, a virgin, give birth. They saw a ray of hope sprout on this earth. It was a display of love never before seen in history. The birth of Jesus Christ caused them to sing with joy. Their voices resounded with adoration and praise to celebrating the end of woe among men.

Yes, they knew at that time they were to witness pain and death inflicted against the Savior. But, again, since that day, all of the good angels began seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel of dismay.

Jesus Christ has come into the world as the Savior of fallen man and the Savior of this distraught universe. The great purpose God has for us cannot be fulfilled unless a Savior be born to deliver us from the grips of death.

Will there be another rebellion? No, for it was God who first allowed it so that He could continue His creation. His new creation, called the children of God. They are the brothers and sisters for Jesus Christ to experience love.

If another rebellion were about to begin, I am sure that the all-knowing God would quickly step in and put it out. Why? Because the knowledge of good and evil is now clearly known by the angels and us for what it is.

The message of the Christmas season is that a Savior was born to rid the world of the curses caused by sin. There is only one Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was born in order to be the Savior of mankind.   Jesus Christ told the Father, “Yes, I will come down to earth as Your child being born in Bethlehem. I will do it according to Your will.”

Thus rebellions from heaven will be no more. Now and forever.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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