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– by Mary Whelchel

I was blessed to grow up in a home with godly parents who took me to good Bible-teaching churches. I remember a song I used to sing in Sunday School. It goes like this:

Read your Bible, pray every day,
pray every day, pray every day
Read your Bible, pray every day
and you’ll grow, grow, grow.

I have to believe that some of you sang that song, too! It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Maybe just too simple for us adults. Maybe just something for little kids, something very elementary.

Well, the truth is, that simple song is the bedrock basic that holds true for every person who desires to follow Christ. If you read your Bible every day, you will grow, and the reverse is also true: If you don’t have that discipline in place, you will not grow strong in your faith.

I want to challenge you to read your Bible every day. Here’s the thing—when you read your Bible every day, you win because you truly grow! I promise! The Bible is your food, your comfort, your guide, and you need it every day!

Mary Whelchel

Mary Whelchel host of The Christian Working Woman radio ministry

This will be most effective if you approach it in an orderly, structured way. There are many effective ways to read the Bible daily, from reading it through in a year, to focusing on a balanced reading of Old and New Testaments. I’ve done it many different ways, and the only thing that matters is to do it faithfully with a structured plan.

Here’s my challenge to you: Let’s read the New Testament together, along with a Psalm each day, and accomplish that in 60 days. That means if we all start the second Sunday in May, May 17th, [2015], we will accomplish this by July 15th. That’s 60 days, and if we read about four chapters a day plus a Psalm, we’ll have read the New Testament through in about three months.

I have prepared a schedule so you can see what you are to read each day, check it off, and get this incredibly wonderful discipline established in your life. You will never regret it, this I promise you. [click here for link]

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Read Your Bible
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