Real Freedom


Psalm 22:4

by ​Carl Richardson

​In early America, not everyone who came from other nations was in search of the Holy Grail. Some historians say that the early Pilgrims came in search of cod – not God. But it’s interesting to note that the first public building in America was not a library. It was not a town hall. But the first public building in America was a church.

​With power and prestige, a nation tends to enter the institutional stage. Laws and businesses and social lines tend to cement. Change becomes more difficult. The drive toward greatness diminishes. Apathy sets in. Selfishness asserts itself. Commitment to ideals wanes. Morals decay. Pleasure becomes god. The Gross National Product becomes all-important.

​But America can never be equated with the GNP, balance of payments, or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. There is a spirit in America that is not material.

​We need a new revolution in America; not of armed power, but of spiritual power.

​Let’s face it. America has a lot of changing yet to do, but I believe those changes can best be brought about not by those trying to tear down America, but by those who are trying to build up America.

​For too long we Americans have prayed with our eyes toward Washington, D.C. instead of toward the Lord.

​If there was one principle of government firmly fixed in the minds of the young American nation builders, it was this: “Government without God is not a political experiment; it is national suicide.”

​The great need in our nation is not for more social theorizing, nor more governmental bureaus to solve all our problems, nor is it more books pointing out what all of us already know – that all of America’s heroes have “feet of clay.”

​“What America needs,” said a United States Senator on the floor of the Senate, “is a mighty revival of the Spirit of God.”

​If he’ll put that in writing, I will sign it.


United States postage stamp issued in 1925 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord and “the shot heard round the world.”

On the green at Lexington,
In the snow at Valley Forge,
At the fields of Gettysburg,
On the beaches of Normandy,
In the hills of Korea,
In the jungles of Southeast Asia,
On the sands of the Middle East,
In the waters of the Persian Gulf

​A million and more of our citizens have paid the price – the FULL price for freedom!

​Think also of the One who gave His life so that you and I might be spiritually free.

​Jesus fell beneath His cross, not because of the weight of the wood, but because of the weight of the world.


Way To Calvary. Jesus falls while carrying His cross. Painting by Anton Raphael Mengs, circa 1728-1779.

​They took off His purple robe and left Him standing there in shame, so that we could sit where we sit unashamed.

​And when God saw the sin on His soul, He turned His back on His only Son, who died alone ––– wounded ––– forsaken.

​And your spiritual freedom and mine was purchased!

​America offers freedom for a lifetime. Christ offers freedom for eternity.

That is REAL freedom!


Let us pray:

“Father, my Father, we pray your blessings upon our nation.
we revere and respect those honored dead who struggled so fiercely, and
died so bravely, that this nation might be born.

We come to You today, a nation in crisis and a people in pain.
In our material affluence, we have forgotten You and don’t even know that we are spiritually wretched and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.
Blasphemy and profanity fill the air. Perversion and ​immorality are flaunted for all to see.

Spiritual indifference has laid its cold hand upon us.
Forgive us, O Lord, and bring spiritual healing.
Heal our nation, lest America self-destruct.
Cause our faith to bloom anew.
Give us new hope, and with it
a new song of spiritual freedom.”


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