Our Daily Bread – August 2015

ODB July 2015_001Here is this month’s August 2015, promotional commentary of the monthly devotional called Our Daily Bread. This publication has been around for 59 years. It was first published in April 1956.

It includes articles related to the Bible and Christian living, a daily Bible reading, an article about the Bible reading and an insight about the passage. It also gives you scriptures so you can read the entire Bible in one year. In other words, it is a treasure to help you in your daily growth with Jesus Christ, your Savior.

Below is a list of the titles of the daily articles I read each day from this month’s (August) booklet. Underneath each are my personal brief thoughts about the article.


Kampii Chapel of Silence – Helsinki, Finland

August 1, 2015  How To Have Peace
Many people in this world seek peace – peace in the world and peace within their souls. How can we have inner peace and why it is important is clearly described in this article.

August 2, 2015  God’s Good Heart
When you go through discouraging situations and trials that seem God does not care, what do you do? In what ways has God used trials in your life? Are you learning to trust Him more? All of these questions make this article a must read.

August 3, 2015  On the Edge
There are temptations that, when followed through, progresses beyond a point where there is regret and pain afterwards. Be aware of the dangers of temptations by reading this.

August 4, 2015  Web Wisdom
How do we respond to seemingly foolish comments made by others toward us? What do you need to keep in mind when you want to counter-reply to them? Read this and find out!

chessAugust 5, 2015  Chess Master
Just as would happen when you play the game of chess against a master of the game, in life whatever moves you make, whatever pieces you win and remove off the chessboard, the Master Chess Player, God, ultimately always wins. Read more about this here.

August 6, 2015  Family Privilege
Those who accept Jesus Christ – past, present and future – are given the privilege of being His children. What does that mean for us Christians? This article explains.

August 7, 2015  Faultfinders Anonymous
What causes us to seek and find fault with others? Why is this common and how does it develop? What is the antidote for faultfinding? This is a great article!

August 8, 2015  Unpredictable
No matter how much we plan, anticipate and prepare for trouble that may occur, events happen that are unpredictable that sometimes blindsides us. Our dreams and even our daily schedules often fall short! Therefore, what is the best thing to remember when we start each day? Read this.

August 9, 2015  Batter in the Bowl
What lesson can we glean from the Biblical account found in Ruth 2:7 ?  Hint: Boaz, in this chapter makes sure Ruth is provided for.

August 10, 2015  I’ve Come to Help
Your willingness to be a helping hand toward others can very likely help you receive Jesus Christ’s insight on how to do more and more in whatever endeavor you are employed. This article explains.

August 11, 2015  Debits and Credits
Are there times when you blame the devil for everything that has gone wrong in your home life? If so, you may be giving more credit to Satan than he deserves!  Read about this here.


Portrait of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives. Painting by Josef Untersberger, also known by his signature, GIOVANNI.

August 12, 2015  A Portrait of Jesus
In art, there have been many portraits of Jesus Christ painted on canvas. Because there were no photos of Him (of course) to go by, all of them make Jesus look different from each other. The Bible, however, gives a “portrait” of Jesus Christ in a different manner. Take a look by reading this.

August 13, 2015  Not Again!
We often sin after temptation. How does God help in these situations? The answer is simple and found in this article.

August 14, 2015  Einstein and Jesus
Which sayings of Albert Einstein and of Jesus Christ are similar? How do they differ? Be speedily enlightened by reading this.


Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

August 15, 2015  The Waving Girl
What is the key for Christians in accepting one another? Be open-minded as you read this.


Statue of Florence Martus, “The Waving Girl.” Morrell Park, Savannah, GA.

August 16, 2015  Silent Helper
Are you familiar with the hymn, “Count Your Blessings”? Well, after reading this article, as you proceed to count your blessings, you will soon lose count! Praise God!

August 17, 2015  Baking with Jess
Many people see God as a problem-solver. Jesus Christ wants us to see Him as food! Be fed by reading this!


The cellist of Sarajevo

August 18, 2015  Under Siege
Even under His duress, trial and death, Jesus Christ had us in mind. How can we Christians attend to another person when we are going through our own difficult situation? Grow more to be like Christ by reading this.

August 19, 2015  Reflecting God’s Glory
Why are we humans, overall, creative creatures? Answer: Because God is creative by nature! He is the Creator. How does this fact make God more worthy to be praised! This article glorifies Him!

August 20, 2015  Who Is My Neighbor?
Faith is seen in our actions.”

That is the thought of the day in this article. A good example of this is depicted in this day’s reading.

August 21, 2015   Continuing with Christ
Some decisions we make for Christ are made with a price. Are they worth it? You bet! May you be a better disciple and follower of Christ by reading this!

August 22, 2015   It’s What We Do
How would you describe a good (not perfect) mother and father? This day’s article provides a great example.

August 23, 2015    Turn It Off
In our day and age, we are surrounded by electronic gadgets that distract us from the more important things in life. The importance of often turning them off for awhile is discussed in this article.

August 24, 2015   Coming Alongside
Our difficulties, trials and tribulations are not worthless or inconvenient, but highly valuable. Read here how.

August 25, 2015  When Things Don’t Go well
When painful difficulties and tragedies occur to others and to us, it is hard to understand how it will work for good. But it does! (Romans 8:28). Read about this here.

August 26, 2015  The Power of Words
Our words can be the most powerful tool or most deadly weapon in our possession. How best to use our words and how best to formulate them for the benefit of others are communicated clearly to us in this article.

August 27, 2015  Purpose in Routine
To have meaning in life there must be a purpose in life. It can be thwarted, however, when there is only routine.  The apostle Paul dealt with this and found meaning in life. How can you?

August 28, 2015  Disappointing Heroes
Two “heroes” are contrasted in this article – Moses and Jesus. How are they similar and how do they differ? Read this and find out!

August 29, 2015   Baby Steps
As a child needs guidance and protection, so does every Christian. Read about God’s steady hand here.

August 30, 2015  Verify the Truth
How can we be more like the Biblical group of people found in Acts 17:11, called, Bereans? This day’s article discusses four ways.

August 31, 2015  Don’t Delay
This article is about John 3:16 and 2 Corinthians 6:2 concerning salvation. Although much more can be said regarding this topic, this is a very interesting and provocative article.


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