In Heaven There Is No Beer

Music HighwayFor those of you who are under restrictions concerning alcohol for health reasons, this post is not about you.

If you believe it is a sin to drink fermented beverages, this post is not about your faith.

I do, however, want to focus on a philosophy many people have about living their lives today. Many believe that this life, and only this life, is the best time to live. Many believe since this is the only time to live, make the best of it for tomorrow we die. This view is called, existentialism.

What this belief tends to overlook is that many, many people were born into situations that were against them living freely or healthy from the start. Millions throughout history have been born deformed in one way or another. Mental and emotional issues have plagued mankind from appreciating a fuller life. Tragic accidents have occurred leaving grief stricken homes. Traumatic childhood experiences have adversely affected the emotional wellbeing of far too many children. And of course, war after war after war have ended the futures of young promising lives.

Is all of the world’s problems all there is? Should we blame God for all of the misfortunes of mankind? You see, all of life’s travails are not the fault of God, but brought on man by his rejection of Him. Man refuses to acknowledge that He exists and that He has no business “controlling” their lives. If you blame God, then you are acknowledging that He exists. And if He exists, then you need to hear about the good news.

The good news is that it will all come to an end. All death will cease. All pain will stop. Diseases will be no more. All wars will end.


The next life with Jesus Christ will be a continual feast not a seasonal one.

The good news is that Jesus Christ will be on earth to bring peace, joy and love once and for all on this earth. He will establish firmly His kingdom that will end all kingdoms. No national pride will be around. No greed. No hatred. No grief. And, And and And, no more death.

All who have died without ever knowing Jesus Christ will be resurrected to see Him and be told what He did on the cross for everyone.

This is also important! Just because someone foolishly rejected Jesus Christ during his time on earth – (how can the unconverted make any wise choices such as this?) –  does that mean he will not have a chance for eternal life when he sees Jesus Christ and the resurrected saints, plus see his resurrected brothers and sisters, father and mother, grandparents and great grandparents ad infinitum? Okay, alright, up to Adam and Eve.

I know that some of you believe that condemnation may be swift upon many when Christ returns, but it is judgment that will first prevail. Note: Judgement is not defined solely as condemnation. There is more to this! Judgment includes looking at the heart, seeing if the person has repented or not and then making a determination.

There is a book in the Bible called, Judges. What did the judges, or leaders of Israel do for Israel? Did these leaders condemn the people? No! Instead, they restored the nation back to peace during turbulent and critical times. Often, the peoples’ heart (although temporary) turned back to God.

We Christians will be judging angels! What? Yes, judging angels (1 Corinthians 6:3)! Question: Judging only the good angels? No, the angels we judge may be the ones who rebelled against God. Will some demons repent? I do not know. But we will see God’s offer of mercy extended and demonstrated toward all of His creation. These are just my thoughts. This is not about universalism (See I Wish I Were A Universalist!). I am not telling you to believe me entirely on this but to reflect and meditate on these things. But the good news is just that, good news.

Oh, and how the Holy Spirit will be ever so busy after Christ returns! The Holy  Spirit will be poured out ever more so over the earth! Wow!

But first, Jesus will have wine at His wedding along with His bride, the Church (Matthew 26:29). Yes, wine. And as far as drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages in the next life, intoxication will be non-existent. I will enjoy a brew and will have a feast among the family. I will have a feast of joy, celebration and thanksgiving! No, I am not going to overindulge in gluttony, but I will have a spiritual body that never gets drunk, hooked or addicted.

No, my friends, this life is not all there is. Now is not the only best time for living. The best are yet to come (note “are,” plural, for they will never end). In heaven and in the kingdom of God the best of life will always be! The best food. The best entertainment. The best of everything!

In the YouTube video song below I would change the lyrics and sing: In heaven there will be beer!

In Heaven There is No Beer (1956 in German)
lyrics – Ernst Neubach
music – Ralph Maria Siegel
sung by – Frank Yankovic
genre – Polka
album – America’s Favorites

In heaven there is no beer.
That’s why we drink it here (Right Here!)
and when we’re gone from here,
our friends will be drinking all our beer!

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