The Trinity Before A.D? (Part 2)

TrinityDid the belief in the Trinity, three persons in one God, exist before Jesus Christ was born on earth? Why do I ask? Because there is much controversy concerning this doctrine among Christians.

In a previous post, The Trinity Before A.D.?  (Part 1), I stated that everyone in the Old Testament actually worshiped God as ONE being – not two, and definitely not three entities being one God.

Moses heard this God when His voice thundered at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19 – 20). Yet Jesus Christ said no man has seen the Father nor heard His voice (John 1:18; John 6:46). Most of us Christians know that this must have been the voice of Christ. Why? Because He is the Spokesman – The Word.

With that in mind, this is what the apostle James wrote:

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder (James 2:19).

How do these spirit beings see God? Do they see God as one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

I believe they see God as being three in one. They saw Jesus the Messiah on earth and the Father God in heaven. These spirit beings are aware of the Spirit of God. Whether they saw Him as a united, one-shaped entity or not I do not know, but it takes a spirit entity to recognize spirit reality.

Many of you Christians reading this believe there is no Trinity. I understand. I myself, for several years, did not believe in God as a triune being. I was taught by a certain Christian church group that this doctrine of three in one is false and existed prior to the Christian church adopting it during her early years of her existence. Is this true? Is the Trinity a combination of pagan gods?

Well, first, let me say this, there are ancient pagan gods that very much appear to be the forerunner of the Trinity but here is a key question: if I were Satan, and I wanted to deceive people away from the true God, what would I do? The same thing Satan did. I would first inspire these pagan deities to sprout and resemble what the Christian church would later realize – God as three in one. As a result, because I, (if I were Satan), have formulated into the minds of man a counterfeit of what God is really like, many would eventually see the similarity and later on doubt this Trinity. It is as simple as that.

Satan is the great deceiver and counterfeiter. He has led man to believe in events before they occurred. For example, the mother and child worship was standard in the ancient pagan religions. As we all know, Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ – mother and son. Here are the counterfeits of the mother and child relationship before this biblical event occurred:


Egypt’s mother and child relationship: Isis and Osiris (Horus)

Babylon, Ishtar and Tammuz,
Egypt, Isis and Osiris or Horus,
India,  Isi and Iswara,
China and Japan as the mother goddess Shing-moo with child,
Greece, Ceres or Irene and Plutus,
Rome, Fortuna and Jupitor; or Venus and Adurnis,
Scandinavia, Frigga and Balder.
Phoenicia, Ashtoreth and Baal.

What is the result of all this? Well, at a college campus, for example, an atheistic professor would indoctrinate his students with his belief that Christianity is not true because of such and such a god(s) was worshiped before A.D.

But when you think about it, there is another factor to consider. That factor is Satan. It is he who has developed counterfeit doctrines imitating as truth of what would happen years later. I believe Satan fosters falsehood religion unto mankind.

Satan must have known, to some extent, God’s plan of placing man at a higher plane than that of the angels (Hebrews 2:6-7). Could that plan, revealed to all the hosts of heaven, be the reason why Lucifer (the cherub who became Satan) and many of the angels rebelled against God? I leave that up to you to contemplate.


Mithras killing the bull.

As an aside, during the early years of the church, (yes, this is A.D. I will be brief), there was a rival cult religion called Mithraism. It was also the mystery religion of the Roman Empire. The followers of this religion met secretly at underground temples (called mithraea), very much as the early Christians would meet in catacombs. The god, Mithra, supposedly came from Persia.

What was believed here?  Mithras was born from a rock, slaughters a bull, and shares a banquet with the god Sol (the Sun).

How strong did Mithraism influence Christianity? It is important to remember that Mithraism was a highly secret, initiatory cult whose beliefs, practices and imagery were not known to the outside world. Therefore, linking the mysteries of Mithra with the mysteries associated with the Roman Catholic Church is very unlikely. Because they are both similar in some areas does not mean the church is pagan.

Anyway, the significance, once again, is that Satan knows what happened at the cross of Jesus Christ and has developed counterfeits in order to lead people away from the truth into disbelief in God altogether.

Therefore, the argument that a particular doctrine such as the Trinity is not true because pagans previously believed it years before is not a valid one.  God, and His nature of being Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit was clearly seen by all the angelic hosts ever since they were created. The deceivers among them may have easily reproduced fakes – multiple Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman gods – to distract man from the one, true, Trinity God of the universe.



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