Healing For Broken Relationships (free booklet)

Relationships_003If you are a pastor, a Christian preacher, here is a booklet which you can digest and incorporate into a sermon and present to your flock. The name of the booklet is called: Healing Broken Relationships by Carl Richardson.

I ordered it by mail and received it within two to three weeks. Although free for the asking, I gave a small donation as a token of appreciation.

I have posted a review of it here because the material is very useful in helping others (including myself) patch any difficulties that families have been experiencing.

The soon-coming Thanksgiving (primarily in America) and the Christmas holidays tend to be the most stressful time among families. Why not preach/teach from this source beforehand to your congregations?

This booklet has less than 10 pages – easily read and digested in a few minutes. It perhaps contains very little that you may not already know, but I believe it gives concise and comprehensive information regarding the mending of families having difficulty in one way or another. It presents an outline of the causes and cures of broken relationships.

According to the booklet, there are three stages of broken relationships:



* Within this stage are three elements that make a valuable relationship.

* There are also four levels of listening. (Note: Listening is not one of the three elements mentioned.

* And there are five steps to improving or enhancing compatibility in a marriage.

Divorce is similar in some ways to a death in the family. Yet, there is one big difference. This booklet discusses the contrast.

Another victim of divorce besides the spouses and their children is also mentioned.

*Three practical suggestions for divorced persons are discussed.

Sadly, death break relationships.

*This booklet discusses the four stages of grief.

Carl Richardson concludes in this section with a timely quote from John Wesley about how God understands what it personally means to lose a loved one.

I was surprised this booklet contained no Bible references – no Scriptures! Why was I surprised? Carl Richardson is a preacher of God’s word.

According to his website, Beyond Borders:

International Evangelist Carl Richardson is heard daily around the world and throughout the United States on the widely acclaimed “Oasis” radio broadcast. A member of the Board of Directors of the National Religious Broadcasters for 30 years, a producer and host of network television programs focusing on ministry and Christian living, the former director of the radio and television ministry of the Church of God for twelve years, author of numerous books and publications; Carl ministers with a passion for the lost that has produced profound spiritual results at meetings and gatherings around the world.

Therefore, the lack of scriptures suggests you as a preacher add Bible passages to your presentation and also any related experiences and observations in your personal life.

If you believe that this time of the year is not the ideal time to teach on this topic, may I suggest the beginning of next year.

It is my belief that a healthy church congregation is one that highly respects the members of the family  – protects it, nurtures it and offers ways of healing as required.

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Order free booklet from:
Carl Richardson Ministries
PO box 750
Brandon, FL 33509


WIHS logoCarl Richardson can be heard daily on his The Oasis program
Mondays – Fridays on WIHS 104.9 FM
Listen live at www.wihsradio.org)

Please check your local, Christian radio programming for a listing of the scheduled times The Oasis program is aired.


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