You Light Up My Life

Music HighwayThe United States is not the only country that celebrates Halloween. Countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, and France are only a few that similarly observe it.

What occurs on this day? In the US, it is observed on the evening of October 31  when costumed youngsters, after they knock and you open your doors shout, “Trick or Treat!”

The idea here is that you will get some sort of trick done against you if you do not provide them candy. It does sound like a threat on your property, doesn’t it?

To keep children away from their homes, many households do not leave their front entrance lights on. This is the signal for any festive youngster (with his/her parents, mostly) to bypass that property and move on to another.

Lighted DoorThe Bible says that Jesus Christ is a door (John 10:9). A door to what? Answer: A door to a way of life and salvation to eternal life. And this Door is indeed lit because He is also the Light of the World (John 8:12).

Where am I going with this? Well, in the two YouTube videos below is a song we Christians can sing to worship Jesus Christ. We Christians no longer walk in darkness. We now walk in the light of Christ’s glory in us.

As we walk in the Light, we Christians believe He will one day remove all the darkness that dominates the world. This earth’s way will soon become one of give and not one of get as seen in its current way of selfishness, envy, lust and greed.

Jesus Christ wants us to be a light to the world and not hide it (Matthew 5:14-15). We are to reflect His light every single day and that includes this day the world sees only as Halloween.


Single by Debbie Boone

You Light Up My Life (1977)
lyrics – Joseph Brooks
music – Joseph Brooks
sung by – Debby Boone (Pat Boone’s daughter)
genre – Pop
subtitled: Spanish
side B – Hasta Mañana
album – You Light Up My Life

So many nights
I’d sit by my window,
Waiting for someone
To sing me his song.

So many dreams
I’ve kept deep inside me.
Alone in the dark
But now you’ve come along.


Single by Kasey Cisyk


And you
Light up my life.
You give me hope
To carry on.

You light up my days
And fill my nights
With song.

Rolling at sea,
Adrift on the waters.
Could it be finally
I’m turning for home?


Movie poster

Finally, a chance
To say, “Hey, I love you,”
Never again
To be all alone.

(Chorus x2)

It can’t be wrong,
When it feels so right.
‘Cause you…
You light up my…


Didi Conn lip syncs the song sung by Kasey Cisyk in the movie, You Light Up My Life (1977).

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