Saving Christmas (the movie)

Saving ChristmasAs many of you readers who have read my previous posts already know, I used to belong to a Christian church that did not believe in the observance of Christmas as well as other orthodox religious days such as Good Friday and Easter that identify most of Christianity.

Well, I have since reconsidered my position and now worship Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. Note: I do not worship the day, the customs nor the traditions of the season, but join with other Christians who enjoy them and give thanks to the Son of God who came to save us from our sins by dying on the cross, rising from the dead and soon returning to this earth.

I am aware that many of you Christians continue to shun anything having to do with Christmas. You affirm that Christmas trees, Santa Claus, elves, reindeer and Christmas gift-giving are mostly corroborated by history as pagan in origin and therefore non-Biblical. Of course they are and I understand you.

These Christmas symbols and traditions that many consider as heathen-inspired are what are covered in a recently released (December 5, 2015) DVD which I rented the following weekend and watched together with my wife and my brother’s family – all of us being Christians. The DVD is called, Saving Christmas, starring Kirk Cameron.

After watching most of it (we decided to stop watching before it ended), we all concluded that this movie was one of the worst movies about Christmas we have ever viewed.

This movie was a poor attempt to show how Santa Claus, Christmas trees and other Yuletide paraphernalia somehow relate to Jesus Christ. They do not. Some of you may not agree with that last statement, but anyway, this film by itself will not do the job of saving Christmas to those who see the pagan roots and materialism of the day.

I was embarrassed watching it. It started out good with some humor at the beginning, but then came the moans and shaking of heads from us as the movie progressed. As I stated earlier, we never saw the ending of it – it was that terrible.

I would have dismissed this as another of Hollywood’s careless representation of God and the Bible if I had not seen it was produced in partnership with Liberty University, a well known Christian seminary out of Lynchburg, VA.  Liberty University!  When I saw credits given to this university at the start of the film, I thought to myself this would be a very interesting and educational movie. Instead, I was greatly disappointed. Liberty U could have done a much better job here. If that is the kind of production she is satisfied in endorsing, then Liberty U, I believe, should stay out of the movie business altogether – especially if she remains silent about its quality. She should have had a large influence to NOT have it released to the public this year.

I do not understand and found incredulous the enthusiasm Liberty University displayed when she pre-screened the release of the movie last year, November 2014. (Click here for link).


imageSaving Christmas is an unrealistic story that provides LITTLE Biblical basis for these traditions and celebrations. It is not educational and does not make a convincing stand against a culture that wants to trivialize and eliminate Jesus Christ out of this season.

* It does a weak job about encouraging people to focus on Jesus Christ in Christmas.
* Kirk Cameron, I believe, did a poor performance here. Poor.
* The movie won the Raspberry Award as being the worst movie in 2014. (I was not aware of this when I rented the DVD).
*  Although the movie was low-budget, it still did little in promoting the Biblical view of salvation. A missed opportunity to provide a low-cost yet quality witness of the gospel. Whether a person believes or not believes what this movie presents is not important for salvation. Believing in Jesus Christ and what He has done is.
* The tenets of this movie cannot be adequately defended when witnessing to the lost.
* Many, if not all, Christians after watching this movie, will still remain divided over what the Bible says about celebrating Christ’s birth on December 25th.
* This movie provides examples of what I have termed, incompatible syncretism, which I discussed in my blog, Jesus and Syncretism (part 1).

imageMy conclusion to you is to not spend your time on this movie. If you want to see how NOT to study the Bible in trying to Christianize what is not of Christian origin, then go ahead watch the movie.

A better movie to watch, and more Biblical, is The Nativity Story (2009).

Merry Christmas!

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