A Letter to a Prostitute

envelope-symbolTo Whom It May Concern,

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I do not know you and you do not know me. I believe it is no accident that you are reading this. The chances of this letter reaching you as it did is almost impossible. Yet, you are now reading this.

You are here because of prayer. Your life right now is most likely a secret one. Perhaps your parents do not know your lifestyle. Your family, friends and coworkers may not know about your alternate way of living. The only one who really knows about you and about your future is God. It is because of Him that you are now reading this.

You may have asked with tears if anyone out there really loves you. God does.

“B.S. !!!”  you may now say. You are now shouting, “God has done nothing to help me!”

I understand how you feel. You are asking how can God allow you to be doing what you now believe you must do. How can a good God let you go this far?

You find yourself in a pattern of life that you hate. You feel you are a slave to those who do not really care about you. To make your life a little bearable, you take drugs and/or alcohol. You wish you could start your life all over again. And if you did, you would do it right this time.

Again, this letter is no accident. There is a God who now wants your attention. You may have screamed at Him not too long ago. You may have faced and dealt with many desperate situations with no hope of change. Again, I do not know you. But God does know. He knows enough to want to now help you. He can. Give Him now a little thought. Consider talking to Him.

I, personally, do not represent any organization. I am not asking for your name. I am not asking for your telephone number to call me. I am not looking to receive any money. I do not want to know about the history of your life. All I ask is that you now turn to God.

You may have asked, “Why me, God? Why did this happen to me?” Many people are asking the same question for different reasons.

You may be asking, “How can I get out of this?” You want a change. You want to change to a better life. You want a life without the emotional pain you are now going through.

I ask that you now think more about talking to God. Do not stop here. Ask God to show you Jesus Christ. When He was on earth He saw much pain. He witnessed a lot of suffering. He heard and saw many people crying and seeking relief. And these people, the people living around the Jerusalem area where Jesus was at, were living in a country that supposedly had strong beliefs in God.

Yes, surprisingly, there were people living there who were seeking God. But many of them were lost and confused due to certain religious leaders and sects who did not care about them. How could that be? How could God have allowed that?  God saw all that. And He, in the person of Jesus Christ, heard their cries. He felt their pain.


A beautiful new sunrise awaits you.

He healed many people while He was on earth; yet He ended up dying on the cross so that they could live a better life. How could God allow His own Son to die?

But then, by the power from the Father, rose up Jesus from the dead. Jesus Christ is now alive, in Spirit, and now wants to give you a better life – a much better life. Why not talk to Him? He will hear you. Give Him a little of your time.

He is not against you. He does not hate you. He detests your lifestyle, however. He hates any drugs that you may be depending on. He wants to see you as the person you were meant to be. And He will succeed – if you let Him!

If you believe this letter is not for you. Fine. I understand. But right now you see others like yourself apparently making money, getting along OK, surviving. They appear happy and satisfied. But deep inside, you know they are living a lie. They are not content. They are worried about what may happen next in their lives. They are always fearful of a person showing up who is really mentally messed up and dangerous. You, however, are tired. You have had enough.

Just because you are now where you are in life at this moment does not mean you have to stay the same way for the rest of your life. You may think otherwise, but God did not create you to live your life this way. It is not too late. It is never too late.

Okay. Again, you are asking about me. Who am I? I am a Christian who has prayed for you. There are other Christians who also read this website. And I am asking them to also pray for God’s will for your life. God answers prayers.

You are thinking that no one like yourself will want to change after reading something like this. But I have prayed that God will speak to you in other ways than just this letter after you leave this website.

If however, you want to talk to someone you can trust, you can call a Christian radio station that I listen to often. It is WIHS 104.9 FM. I do not work there. I do not have any contracts with them.

It does not matter what part of the world you are living in, WIHS radio has a staff of devoted Christians ready to listen and help you – when you call. Their website is, WIHSradio.org.

In that website, you will see their telephone number as 860-346-1049. Their office hours are between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mondays to Fridays (Eastern Standard Time). They have a dedicated personnel with a lot of resources that can help you. Their number one resource is Jesus Christ Himself.

I have prayed that I would meet you one day after Jesus Christ returns to finally fix all that is wrong with this world.

Yours truly,
Peter Caro

P.S. I welcome any comments below you may have. I welcome comments from anyone who has also prayed for you.

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Hours: 9 -5 PM Mon- Fri.   (EST) tel: 860-346-1049



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