Thought For Today (part 12)

The Christian radio station that I listen to daily is WIHS 104.9 FM based out of Middletown, CT. To me, those involved with this station are broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

A service that this station has provided for as long as I can remember is giving its listeners the Thought For The Day. During the course of its programming a thoughtful saying or phrase is given to us to consider and meditate for the day. These thoughts are spearheaded by Mr. Gerry Williams (Mrs. Teresa Daily assisting) and repeated several times throughout the day by the other DJs of the radio station.

Below is a collection of some of these thoughts and sayings shared on the air over the last few weeks. If you want to quote any of these thoughts please be sure to give credit to the radio station WIHS 104.9 FM. You may contact Mr. Gerry Williams via email – with any questions you may have.

1) If you go to the Bible with your own agenda you will come away with your own answer.
2) Kindness to the elderly helps brighten their sunset years.
3) In the face of life’s greatest dangers and challenges, we can experience God’s peace and grace. He gives more than enough.
4) Our salvation depends on what Christ did for us; our reward depends on how we live for Him.
5) Those who lay up treasures in heaven are the richest people on earth.

Treasure Chest

What kind of treasure is being stored for us in heaven? Money?  Houses?  Cars?

6) God our heavenly Father is in the business of changing hearts and He is very good at it.
7) Nothing on earth can compare to being with Christ in heaven.
8) When we know God is good, we can learn to release our fears.
9) Gratitude to God leads to growth in godliness.
10) The clock is ticking. Now is the time to seek God’s power to help us become the people He wants us to be.
11) Rest your assurance on God’s love in your heart— not on the fear in your mind.
12) No one is more secure than the one who rests in God’s hands.
13) Embracing God’s love for us is the key to loving others.
14) Although the outlook may be bleak, the uplook is always bright.
15) The Bible is not a dry book if you know its Author.


16) Obedience to God always produces joy; stubbornness results in misery.
17) Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Bread of Life and our divine problem-solver.
18) To make the most of your time, take time to pray.
19) Problems may arise in our lives, but they cannot defeat us when we know the Lord.
20) Giving ourselves and our devotion to God often comes with a price.
21) Take a stand for Christ or you will fall for anything.
22) If you doubt that Jesus cares, remember His tears.
23) Let us ask God for humble hearts so we may choose His way and not our own.
24) Only Christ the Living Bread can satisfy our spiritual hunger.
25) What you will be tomorrow depends on the choices you make today.


After losing local election after local election, several times, Abraham Lincoln chose not to quit. He chose to run for president of the United States.

26) The Bible—eternal truth and never-fading beauty.
27) There is joy knowing that we have a God who makes us new and never tires of investing His energy and effort to help us.
28) We can never do too much for the One who did so much for us.
29) We are the workmanship of God, our Father’s hands. He is conforming us into the image of His Son, Jesus.
30) We pay a high price for living on a low plane.
31) Christ who purchased us has the right to possess us.
32) The sacrifice of Jesus points us to the joy of heaven.
33) Keep your thoughts in line, or they will lead you astray.
34) The better our memory, the better our praise.
35) Jesus is the one true Light that can never be extinguished by the darkness of the enemy.


36) Those who bless God in their trials will be blessed by God through their trials.
37) Our salvation doesn’t depend on our success, but on Christ’s sacrifice.
38) God’s grace is getting what we do not deserve. God’s mercy is not getting what we do deserve.
39) No matter what problems or dangers seem to be coming toward us, our Lord will show Himself strong on our behalf.
40) If life gets too hard to stand, then kneel.
41) The fullest life is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
42) Heaven: no pain, no night, no death, no tears.
43) There’s no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.
44) When Christians are on fire for God, sinners will be attracted to the Light.
45) The growth of a saint is the work of a lifetime.


*** Saint Ioannikios (752-846) ***  Homework Questions: Why did many artists paint a Christian person, a saint, with a halo? What is a halo? Do Christians living today have invisible auroras surrounding them? (Hint: The answers are not found in the Bible).

46) The glare of the world’s gold can never serve as a lamp for our feet.
47) God tries our faith so that we may try His faithfulness.
48) Take advantage of every opportunity to share with the lost that Jesus is that special person they are searching for.
49) Praise is our enthusiastic expression to God for His love towards us.
50) Spiritual victory comes to those who humble themselves and seek God’s will.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Mr. Gerry Williams


Mrs. Teresa Daily

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