500 Freedoms

Ambassador Highway CroppedOn June 18, 2016, I published my 500th posting into this AmbassadorHighway.com website. How do I know? Because the website’s software program has a counter.

It has been a little over four years since I started this blog. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. It seems like only yesterday when I excitedly clicked the “publish” button for the very first time.

But my biggest amazement was how I was able to have put together that many articles in that amount of time. My greatest concern at first was “What will I write about?” and “What will I discuss next?” Now, as I look back, I see God’s hand in all of this. It is not luck but God’s grace and His Spirit that helped made it possible.

But I am also keenly aware of why I was able to write my thoughts and beliefs online. It is because God has placed me to live in a country, the United States of America, that has given her citizens great blessings and freedoms for individual expression. So now, on the week in July that celebrates the birthday of this country, I offer my great appreciation and thanks to the great God.

But what about the future of this website, AmbassadorHighway.com? That basically is the subject of this post.

Open window

The window of opportunity is often open for a short while.

Let me first say that when I originally thought about starting a website it was not supposed to be anywhere near being religious. I wanted to create a money-making machine where I can sell products online. I even created the name for the company it was to be under which is licensed in Connecticut. It is called Harmony Star Products. I still file quarterly tax statements to the State of Connecticut in order to maintain it. But to this day, I have declared zero income. Perhaps one day I will launch it – if I have the time 😋.

But as I continued working toward my goal for this website a thought (many of you would call it a voice) starting getting stronger and stronger in my mind. The thought? “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33).

I knew then what I had to do: Dedicate the website as a blog called AmbassadorHighway.com to the great God, and let Him do whatever He wants to do with it and never earn a cent off it. I am to give information freely, without any cost. This information is mostly about Christian apologetics and my life’s lessons that I have learned as they relate mostly with lessons found in the Bible.

Through these four plus years, I have, often with tears of joy, published one article after another, being incredulous over its contents. I believe it was no coincidence as to their subject matter and how it was written. It is difficult right now to put into words the manner of how each posting came to be written.

It has also been an emotional roller coaster ride with me while producing them. I wrote articles during rough times in my life and not so difficult of times. I wrote postings through low periods of my life where I had to make extra efforts to proceed; but also during moments where I was exhilarated and experiencing first-hand the process of seeing what I was working on tremendously gel together. Again, it is hard for me to put all this into words.

CalendarWhenever I scheduled a few future publications on my calendar, I often later had to reschedule them forward to a future date. Why? There were newer articles I sensed needing to be published much earlier. I still have drafts that I have put together two or more years ago! But, one by one the timing for their release will arrive – Lord willing.

But how long can I continue doing this? Will there be another 500 postings published through AmbassadorHighway.com? I cannot say yes to that. It would be great if I knew I could. I would not mind it, but I know full well it is all according to God’s will.

I am again expressing thanks to God for having given me this window of opportunity to freely do this. I am very happy to have gone through it. I am also fully aware that this window can quickly be shut at any time. Why?

1)  My health may suddenly deteriorate significally causing me to discontinue writing. By the way, I believe I have been on borrowed time. I probably should not have even lived this far (future blog here).

2) There is always the danger of a cyber attack causing damage to my website’s hosting provider that may cause this website to go into oblivion. Or, the hosting service may go out of business altogether.


For those who do not know what this is, this is a representation of a cassette tape.

3) New technology may cause publishing of postings to become obsolete. I remember using cassette tapes and eight tracks. They are no longer are being manufactured and sold on the mass market.

Digressing a little here, I own many cassettes of various local church sermon messages that I have, over the years, obtained and studied. And I remember constantly borrowing cassettes from the local church library of several good and useful sermons that I have taken good notes from. Many of the topics in them still apply today. Perhaps I will post some of their messages on this blog website – Lord willing.

I have many cassette tapes containing music – racks and boxes of them – international songs, religious songs, and popular rock.

I did not know many of the classic Christian hymns until around 1992. Note: I have been a Christian several years prior to this! I went to a Bible college (unorthodox Christian) in the mid 1980s. But it was in 1992 when I became officially introduced to the famous hymns for the very first time – through cassettes I purchased. Before that year, I also never heard or appreciate religious songs such as: I Surrender All, Are You Washed In The Blood, and In The Garden. I was also learning the more contemporary Christian songs such as: As The Deer, God Will Make A Way, and Awesome God. I began learning the latter genre through cassette tapes and the Christian radio station, WIHS 104.9 FM.

When I became of one of the church’s worship leaders, I remember introducing these hymns and songs to the congregation who also had never sung them during services. There is more I can say here but will reserve it for a future post. Again, Lord willing.

computer highway4) The fair use and share policy of YouTube may change. The licensing and copyright policy of YouTube videos has been rather confusing to me. I have consulted with YouTube and others and learned that, with some exceptions, as long as I do not make any monetary profit on this website and continue making comments in reference to any of  YouTube’s videos, all should be well. I could be wrong here. But I decided to launch forward anyway, come what may. Yet, all of that can change overnight. Continuing…

5) This country’s freedoms, which I now notice have been deteriorating little by little, may hamper this website. It may soon one day be more difficult to express my thoughts in print  – unless the political climate changes dramatically.

6) My personal financial situation may take a dramatic hit. You never know what economic upheavals may come upon this country and around the world.

Anyway, all I can say now is that I am very humbled because of this website and glad that I am able to share my thoughts and beliefs freely to whomever is interested. I am grateful that I have a part in spreading the gospel through God’s strength and grace.

In this lifetime, I may never know how God has used these 500 plus and future postings in communicating with others. I may know after Christ returns.

imageAlso, I know that many, if not all, of my posted messages have been understood differently than what I intended. That is how the mind of man works and how the Holy Spirit uses them for God’s purposes and timing.

If AmbassadorHighway.com lasts another 500 publications that will be great and to the glory of God.

So, to all of you, have a good week. Keep focusing on God and keep me in your prayers.

God bless.

Peter Caro

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