You’re The One

Music HighwayIn recent posts, I have mentioned the liberties that citizens in my country,  the United States, have and cherish. I have expressed gratitude for the freedom to be able to compose weekly on this website my beliefs about God and His way of life. There are other countries such as mine that have similar freedoms. May the gospel powerfully be spread forth from them.

I also recently expressed how mankind has needs and wants that only God can fulfill. And despite these needs, man continually has not, for the most part, acknowledged that God even exists. Man has rejected God, called His book a myth, and lustfully pursued money, sex and power throughout the centuries.

But, again, there are today, in several countries, many who do love God. There are those who are seeking Him and who want to praise Him. I see them locally assembling at church sevices and Bible studies. They gather at homes for worship.

One of my observations, sadly, has been that much of what is studied as Biblical teachings are actually misconceptions, misinterpretations and errors that have been promulgated as the truth.

Nevertheless, many Christians are devoting themselves to seeking God and striving to be close to Him. That is important to God and a blessing for them. And, please note this, there are few times in history such as now when the Christian church has a great window of opportunity for making a large impact in the witness of the gospel. I  believe the Christian church may perhaps be entering her “Golden Years” of her human, church existence before Christ returns. What?!

imageI am an optimist. But, I know that the church of Jesus Christ has experienced year after year, decade after decade and century after century persecution, followed by corruption of sound doctrines with needless inclusions of traditions and dogmas all in the name of truth. But great days for the church, perhaps short-lived in this Christian age of grace, may soon be a reality.

By no means am I a prophet, but I am going to stick my neck out here and say that, before Jesus Christ returns, we may see the Christian church in a very, very spiritually led way. Again let me repeat, I believe the Golden Years of the Christian church, before Christ’s return, may just be ahead of us. These are just my thoughts at this time. Why am I thinking this way? Here is my reason:

The ancient kingdom of Judah, in her final years as a nation and after being ruled by one evil and ungodly king after another, intermittently experienced righteous rule by kings such as Jotham (2 Chronicles 27:1-2), Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 32:26) and Josiah (2 Chronicles 34:1-2). These kings “did what was right in the sight of the Lord” by seeking God sincerely and wholeheartedly. They purified the land by removing most, if not all, of the hill shrines, pagan idols and false priesthoods in Judah. They restored pure worship at the temple. But after that, during subsequent monarchies and later generations, the kingdom finally reverted back into full idolatry which ultimately caused her (Judah’s) captivity by the empire of Babylon.

With that example in mind, it just may be, (again, just my thoughts now) that the younger generation born this century who are Christians are going to be used mightily by the Holy Spirit. This new generation may be the partakers of what perhaps has not been seen since the day of Pentecost immediately after Christ rose from the dead.

It is, to me, no coincidence that the young generation of today is called the “Millennial Generation.” And I believe there is going to be, through that generation, a revival of some kind, an awakening of some kind, of the church by the Holy Spirit to witness in a powerful manner, in the final paragraphs of mankind’s existence on earth before tribulations and God’s day of reckoning arrive leading to a millennial period (Revelation 20:1-6).

Hologram, Holographic projection

A holographic (hologram technology)  projection. Will a future version of this be a major tool for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Conversely, I was born in the generation labeled the “Baby Boomer Generation”. In my generation, significant advances in science and technology have occurred. In my generation, the radio gave birth to television;  computers improved and became supported by the Internet; cassette tapes were replaced by DVDs; spacecrafts came onto the scene which led to the wonders of mobile phones and GPS. From these sprang communication transport mediums such as Facebook and Twitter which, who knows how they may yet transform.

You may say these inventions were going to happen anyway. But I marvel that they were all highly concentrated developments transpiring in such a short time frame – and all during my generation. Because of this, I sense (and these are just my thoughts) that the groundwork foundation has most likely already been laid by us Baby Boomers for the next generation of saints in the Christian church, composed of the Millennial Generation. Much is all set for her to take great advantage under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit. The church just may make a final, brilliant blast of witnessing. It may be brief, but I believe it may occur while the world is in a highly prosperous mode before it enters the dangerous, final days of trial, and the Day of the Lord.

The Holy SpiritYes, I still believe we are in the last days. The time of the end is at hand. Yes, the world has been getting darker with more and more evils increasing. And the Lord is not delaying His return. He is right on schedule. But perhaps the church will rise briefly and then be silent at mankind’s darkest phase and then Christ will return. Perhaps there will be a time when the church does a greater work than she has ever done – for who knows how long. She may be a quick yet great flash of light in the midst of the ever growing darkness around her.

These are just my thoughts. It is NOT a prophecy found in the Bible. I did not hear any voices or anything like that. It may all just be my wishful thinking. But I see examples in the Bible, as I stated earlier, of leaders of ancient Israel, for three or so reigns, getting back to God in a remarkable way just before the nation went into captivity. History always has a way of repeating itself.

These thoughts of mine about the church is not the gospel. Jesus Christ is. And we still do have an adversary, Satan, who just continues doing what he has been doing – deceiving the world and causing much evil. But “greater is He who is in us than he who is the world” (1 John 4:4).

When Christ returns, a so-called millennial period will begin on earth. (I am a Pre-milleniallist).  But before that, as most of you Christians are aware, Christ will come at a time when this world is about to destroy itself.

In the meantime, the YouTube song below, You’re The One, is a song we Christians can modify and sing to our great God. You can replace the words “Baby” with “Jesus” and  “long to kiss” with “long to meet” just for starters.

Oh, and by the way, fellas, let me remind you that the go-go girls in the background are most likely grandmas today.

You're The One_ The Vogues


You’re The One  (1965)
lyrics – Petula Clark, Tony Hatch
music – Petula Clark, Tony Hatch
sung by – The Vogues
genre – Rock and roll, pop, blue-eyed soul
side B – Some Words
album – Meet The Vogues


Every time we meet, everything is sweet
Ooh, you’re so tender, I must surrender
My love is your love, now and forever

You’re the one that I long to kiss
Baby, you’re the one that I really miss
You’re the one that I’m dreaming of
Baby, you’re the one that I love


45 rpm vinyl – Single

Keep me in your heart never let us part
Ooh, never leave me please don’t deceive me
I want you only, you must believe me

You’re the one that I long to kiss
Baby, you’re the one that I really miss
You’re the one that I’m dreaming of
Baby, you’re the one that I love

I adore you and no one before you
Could make me feel this way yeah
Since I met you
I just can’t forget you,
I love you more each day
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


There may be some tears through the coming years
Ooh, all the while I know you’ll be smilin’
Your love will guide me though every mile ’cause

Meet The Vogues _Album


You’re the one that I long to kiss
Baby, you’re the one that I really miss
You’re the one that I’m dreaming of
Baby, you’re the one that I love

You’re the one that I long to kiss
Baby, you’re the one that I really miss
You’re the one that I’m dreaming of
Baby, you’re the one that I love

You’re the one that I long to kiss
Baby, you’re the one that I really miss
You’re the one that I’m dreaming of
Baby, you’re the one that I love

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As sung by the composer, Petula Clark:

You're The One - Petula Clark


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