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The god, Atlas, is a false imitation of the true God working for this earth.

In a way this is a continuation of a previous post entitled, 100 People Who Changed The World where I discussed why you (especially you Christians) should study history. To many of you, this subject may be the most boring of subjects. It was so with me to some extent when I was in school. But not until I started realizing that there is a purpose in life when I became a Christian did my attitude change.

There are many areas of history you can study. There is science history, cultural history, agricultural history, educational history, the history of music, economic history, architectural history, etc. But as I studied the Bible over the years, I focused on two areas containing lessons related to history that are very important (at least with me).

What are these areas? Well, I see two major kinds of history where I draw out lessons:

I) The history of man and his rule on earth up to now.

II) Bible prophecy which is the history of God’s rule on earth yet to come.


Fall of the Roman Empire

I) Lessons from the Past – History
Lesson 1) In my previous post, I mentioned that most, if not all, nations that have existed have had a timeline that goes as follows:
a) the birth of the nation
b) the development of the nation
c) the rise of the nation into promininece
d) the decline and fall of the nation.

Why is this important? Because we all live in a country. And what we should therefore be asking ourselves right now is: Where on the timeline is our country on? Has our country passed its prime – its Golden Age? Is our country heading in the wrong direction? Will it collapse? Have a new government?

How would you know what position of its existence your country is in? Study history. History tends to repeat itself. Therefore, study reliable and trustworthy commentaries about history as you would read and seek insights from the Bible itself.

Lesson 2) Nations love to conquer other nations. They often desire to become dominating powers, if not the only power of the known world. The quest for a one, world government can be seen throughout man’s history.

The Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire are just examples of nations desiring at one period of their existence to be the only prominent culture in the world. In a nutshell, their history is a legacy of man’s quest for power. Study the reasons and factors that caused these empires to transform. What caused them to “rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:7)? By doing so, you will soon understand what I mean.

Lesson 3) After the demise of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-8, when God caused mankind to speak different languages, countries soon determined to take over neighboring cultures. This resulted with families, races and cultures conquered desiring to be free – free from slavery, free from oppressive governments, free from wars, free from hostility, free from paying tributes. The list goes on.

Question: How does an individual(s) in a government gain control over others? Answer: He does so mainly in four ways. Important: These ways are the actions to watch in your government leaders today. These ways are:

  1. Increasingly control the media by propaganda and lies about itself. Are you seeing any of this in your country?
  2. Increasingly control the economy by oppressive taxation- affecting how people earn money, spend money, and invest in money. Is there little or much control in the fiscal arena happening within your country?
  3. Create or encourage racial hatred and class distinctions. Are there evidences of racial tensions within your country? Is it intensifying?
  4. Increasingly control education – from very little allowed, to much propaganda at all grade levels and especially within higher education. Have you seen in history control of society in this area?

The less control citizens have in these areas the more powerful their government tends to be over its people. Do you see modern day scenarios here within your country? I believe most of you have!

These are some of my thoughts. Why do I feel strongly about all this? Because an individual seeking proper understanding of concise history and its lessons will be more apt to think freely and effectively.

Oh, by the way, the government control methods described above can also be applied to government structure, the polity, within Christian churches and other churches throughout history. That is a huge topic for another post.

Mirror Image

This is a mirror image of a room. I believe prophecy is the reciprocal, an upside down image, of what has happened.

II)  Lessons From Future History –  Prophecy of the Kingdom
The lessons I now present to you in this section are those I learned from various sermons, church Bible studies, Bible college classes, and my own meditation and conclusions.

Lesson 1) The lessons of man’s history in advance are basically prophecy of events yet to come leading to and including the kingdom of God. This perspective of prophecy as related to history sounds strange does it not? You, of course, do not have to go along with me on this. Agreement with me is not necessary for salvation.

But, concerning prophecy, here is where I must also caution you:  Just as with secular history, there are many interpretations and conclusions (including mine) that are presented to the public, this is so true when viewing prophecy – the future events of the world as depicted in the Bible.

As in history, there are different kinds of Bible prophecy. There is prophecy concerning a particular kingdom in ancient days, prophecy concerning the future existence of Northern Israel and Southern kingdoms of Israel, prophecies about the last days of man’s destructive ways leading to near extinction, Messianic prophecies about Christ’s return, and much more.

These future events are all tied to the prophecy of God’s rule on this earth after Jesus Christ returns to earth. They all, in a way, are related to Christ’s future reign as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Lesson 2) In order to get a feel of prophecy, let me just say that prophecy is a mirror image of secular history! Again, these are just my thoughts here, okay? So let me explain further.

1)  Whereas secular history is about nations rising and falling, the opposite is true with prophecy. It is an upside down image where there will be only good as opposed to this world being evil.  This world’s system will end, but in prophecy the opposite will be true, it will be fully established and will increase forever and ever, never to fall.

2) The kingdom of God will be a superpower that will take over this world’s kingdoms for the good of all nations once and for all – whereas the kingdoms of this world mostly consist in promoting evil due to its selfish conquests.

3) Instead of a mortal  human king, a dictator or a ruler taking over countries, there will be a supreme, supernatural spirit being, God Himself, who will become King of kings and the main monarch over this world. Do you see where I am going with this? All of man’s history has been a physical, temporary imitation of what is to occur spiritually and eternally in the future as written in the Bible.

Lesson 3) My thoughts on this is that prophecy is not only a mirror image but a reciprocal of history. In math terms you would see this equation:

The reciprocal of x = 1/x

Why do I state this equation? Well, in Acts 17:1-6, Paul and the Christians in Thessalonica were accused of trying to turn the world upside down. This upside down world would, I believe, be a world turned from evil to good; from human rulers to spiritual rulers (meaning Christ and the saints).

Whereas man has always desired one world government, speaking one common language, having one currency and having one army, prophecy is a reciprocal equaling one super government, one Kingdom of God having one new language, no more currency, no more armies.

kingdom-of-god-higway-signThe mirror-reciprocal of war, poverty, slavery and hostility is equal to peace, prosperity, freedom and love.

  1. The future world government, the Kingdom of God will not covertly control the media. We will not have to watch television or listen to the radio to know what is happening. We will automatically know what is occurring and it will all be true, no propaganda!
  2. There will be no economy for God’s kingdom to manipulate. There will be no currency, no investments, no profiteering at others’ expense.
  3. There will be no racial differentiation or discrimination as we know it today. God’s children will be one. And we will all appear much as Jesus Christ does. We shall be able to see Him as He is (1 John 3:2).
  4.  Education will be totally different. I do not know fully how, of course, but we will have the ability to increase in knowledge exponentially. Yet, I believe we, as spirit beings, will never get to know everything there is to know! I believe we will always have the desire to be learning knew facets about the universe, always fascinated by what God says, always joyful at knew insights, constantly awed by new creations, and ever appreciating surrounding beauty.

Therefore, if you are a student of history, as you are take history classes in high school or college, instead of looking at history negatively and tediously, look at history as what it has been and how its opposite, prophecy, will be. And if you did not understand anything in this post, disregard it and go on with your life. A life, I pray, of you in this age walking with God into the future.

May God be praised forever. Amen.

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