30 Prayer Days to the United States Presidential Election

Hillary Trump 1This past the summer 2016, Christian evangelist and missionary, Franklin Graham, traveled to all 50 states holding prayer rallies, preaching the Gospel, and challenging believers on taking a stand to take positive action for the United States. He urged Christians to vote in the upcoming election, to live out their faith in every part of their lives, and to pray for our nation similar to Nehemiah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah and other prophets in the Bible when they cried out to God to help restore hope to His people!

On September 1, 2016, Franklin Graham arrived at the Connecticut State capital as part of his Decision America Tour 2016 where, according to the Hartford Courant, well over 1000 people participated.

Franklin Graham did this because, as he comments:

“America is at a crossroads, and I believe we should take every opportunity to stand up for the things of God and His Word.”


Franklin Graham’s Tour America prayer rally at the Hartford State Capitol.

I attended this rally which lasted from 12:00 to 1:00 PM. The weather was a little rainy, but pleasant. I stood a few rows of people on the right side facing the stage.

Many of us Christians were there and, right before Franklin Graham’s message, many began singing one classic hymn and Christian song after another. Then Mr. Graham spoke to us. I will never forget it.

As a kid, I remember watching Billy Graham, Franklin’s father, on TV preaching to throngs of people in one crusade after another in various parts of the world – but primarily in the United States. It was he who, when I was in high school, led me to focus on a book called the Bible. I did not own one until I saw him quoting scriptures from it.

I am now wondering, after the new United States president is elected, will Franklin Graham meet with the new president as Billy Graham did with previous presidents over the decades? Time and history will only tell. I believe he will.

Below are thirty days starting with October 9 and ending November 7 which represent 30 days where we, as Christians, can pray to God for the nation as it prepares to vote for new leaders. Not only will there be a new president chosen, but also congressmen and other leaders will be elected or reelected as well.

Under each day, I linked a Bible verse and a few words on what to pray about on that day. You can pray more than what I suggested if you wish. God bless you and God bless America.

October 9
Exodus 18:21

Pray for this country to select capable persons
from all parts of the nation. Pray for persons who
fear God. Pray that those voted into office are trustworthy
people. Pray that they then help appoint good judges
for the Supreme Court.


Franklin Graham speaks atop the steps of the State Capitol building.

October 10
Psalm 75:7

Pray for the nation – that it turn from her wicked ways and seek God who will mercifully install the proper leaders the nation needs at this time.
(According to His will and time plan.)

October 11
Proverbs 8:15

Pray for the voters to remember
that this nation, the United States, constantly pledges
to be one nation under God and
that under Him good things will happen
to the country – including the
placing of great presidents – now and in the future.

imageOctober 12
Proverbs 11:14

Pray that after the election,
leaders will choose the most capable
of advisors – primarily advisors
who fear God and are followers
of Jesus Christ. That is not too
much to ask God for.

October 13
imageProverbs 14:31

Pray for leaders who would not
behave wrongly and secretly out of
the public eye to go after selfish
gain. Let them be a blessing for all
the citizens as God guides and
leads them.

October 14
Proverbs 15:1

Pray for leaders who will remain
calm and confident when confronting
conflict and provide courage to those
who seek ongoing comfort from distress.

Truman and GrahamOctober 15
Proverbs 16:7

Pray for leaders who will cause the
nation’s enemies to remain respectful
of our interests as we respect

October 16
Proverbs 21:1

Pray for leaders who, when they
plan or carry out their policies,
remember that it is God
who controls the future.

Billy Graham Dwight EisenhowerOctober 17
Proverbs 23:17-18

Pray for leaders who do not drift away from the principles found in the Bible as well as those written in the Constitution. Pray they always have a solid vision for the nation and are determined to make it come to pass.

October 18
Proverbs 27:1-2

Pray for leaders who understand
the responsibilities involved in
presiding over the people who
voted for them. To be humble and
become wiser as they listen to God
when conflicts arise.

Billy Graham JFKOctober 19
Proverbs 27:4

Pray for leaders who will
not sabotage their office
and not be motivated to
unwisely appease in order to “keep up” with other nations or communities.

October 20
Proverbs 27:5-6

Pray for leaders who are not
afraid of confrontation but speak
to the nation honestly and with love.

Billy Graham LBJOctober 21
Proverbs 27:8

Pray for leaders who understand
the heritage left by previous
great leaders around the world. Pray they also leave a great legacy for future generations.

October 22
Proverbs 27:9-10

Pray for leaders who would unite
the country that is now divided. Pray
that they positively keep the healthy promises
they gave the people when they campaigned
and got elected.

Billy Graham, Ruth, Richard Nixon montreat_NC

October 23
Proverbs 27:17

Pray for leaders who would not lie, accept bribes, or act deceitfully; but honor the office they hold and the office of other leaders serving under them.

October 24
Proverbs 27:21

Pray for the safety of those
serving our country in the
military. Pray for their encouragement
and strength especially as they serve away
from their families in other lands.
Pray for their safe return home.

October 25
Proverbs 28:2

Pray for leaders who will use Godly a language
of diplomacy. Let their communication be
helpful and uplifting to those who hear them.

Billy Graham Gerald FordOctober 26
Proverbs 29:2

Pray for leaders who, when they
assume their office, would cause
many who are wise, decent and
God-fearing among the people to rejoice
and no longer grieve as they did with
previous administrations.

October 27
Proverbs 29:4

Pray for leaders who are moral.
At best, pray for them to be Christian or
hold Christian values – not
compromising them.

Billy Graham Jimmy CarterOctober 28
Proverbs 29:7

Pray for leaders who will not forget
the poor and destitute. That they
will endeavor to ask others, especially from
the Christian church, for help and guidance
in this area.

October 29
Proverbs 29:12

Pray for leaders who will not
be dissuaded from doing what is
right for their constituents. Let
them be bold to refute anyone who
ill-advises them to follow a course that is
harmful to the nation.

Billy Graham Ronald ReaganOctober 30
Proverbs 28:15

Pray for leaders who will not
become as the wild beasts who
deny opportunities for the poor.
Let him be an encourager of their

October 31
Proverbs 29:18

Pray for leaders who have developed
a strong and positive vision that will
remind their people not to get off track
by harmful distractions.

Billy Graham George H. BushNovember 1
Ecclesiastes 10:17

Pray for a president and leaders
who, when they are thankful of success,
have celebrations and festivities
that encourage and refreshes the nation
for more successes.

November 2
Isaiah 10:1

Pray for a president of the United
States who will appoint judges
who will strengthen the nation and
help the unborn.

Billy Graham Bill ClintonNovember 3
Isaiah 41:10

Pray for strength for God’s
people to uphold justice and
stand against sin in the world.

November 4
Daniel 2:21

Pray to God for it is He
who places kings, prime minsters
and presidents into power
according to His Will.

Billy Graham George W. BushNovember 5
Romans 1:24

Pray to God knowing that if the people
choose the wrong leader, that leader will
not lead the God-fearing honorably
but lead the nation into increasing,
damaging, and harmful sin.

November 6
1 Timothy 2:1-2

Pray for the citizens of this
country. That many, who when they
hear the gospel, would turn to God
and seek His ways.

Billy Graham Barack ObamaNovember 7
1 Timothy 3:2

Pray for leaders who will not distract
the nation and the world with one
scandal after after another. Let them
heed their pastors, preachers or moral advisors to behave decent and self-controlled lives respectfully on behalf of the nation.

November 8 (Election Day)

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…
– Psalm 33:12

Prayerfully go out and vote and
may the Holy Spirit guide you.


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