Music HighwayAt this moment in the month of October 2016, many of our Jewish brothers and sisters are celebrating their fall religious holy days. On October 2-3, it was Rosh Hoshanna,  (Feast of Trumpets); on October 11-12, it was Yom Kippur (Atonement) and next week it will be the Festival of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) that will be observed.

Although I never was a Jewish convert, I did celebrate these days religiously as a Christian years ago. I remember myself on these days rehashing why I was keeping them. Why was I keeping them? Well because they were (and still are, I believe) all about Jesus Christ and His return to earth to dwell (tabernacle) among us as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Let me repeat, I used to worship God on these days as a Christian. I did not mind observing them back then. They were special days for me at that time. But intermingled with these days’ primary message of Jesus Christ was another underlying, foreboding message that I recall. That message was that the Church will be affected by mounting worldwide upheavals. Worldwide dilemmas and tribulations will intensify before Christ’s return. Persecution against Christians will ever be increasing to a grand scale as never before witnessed by the Christian community. What I now see today is all this beginning to be more poignantly felt by the Church.


Cloud of smoke from a nuclear detonation.

As of today, many Christians in various parts of the world are struggling to worship Christ. Several believers, for example, have been beheaded by the terrorist organization, Isis, for their testimony to Christ. House Church services both in China and in Russia are being made illegal. Persecution against pastors, Bible teachers and Christian leaders along with their families and congregations are on the rise – especially in Southeast Asia and elsewhere. In other words, it is raining.

True, we Christians are to be always looking at the blue skies of the gospel. Christ will soon return to make all things new and glorious (click here for blog, Blue Skies). And God will never abandon His Church. But, as we see good days yet to come, I believe God wants us to also listen to the rain. This is a difficult area with me. But God wants us (especially me) to be aware, pray and fast for those caught in the downpour of persecution.  He wants us to pray that they be strong.

It is the rain of pain, anguish and death among our Christian brothers and sisters that is loudly being heard and acknowledged around the world. It has always been there. But now, more than ever, we are not to cover our ears and pretend there is no violence against the body of Christ. This suffering of Christians will always be the case, perhaps until the end of this present age.

This rain is pouring ever nearer to all Christians today. But along with that will be the smoke of war and the stench of destruction multiplying between nations that will have us Christians readily on our knees.

Therefore, as the Kingdom of God approaches, let us pray for those in the rainstorm. Let us not neglect them as they endure the evils besetting them at this present time lest we be those within the Church caught sleeping (Matthew 24:1-13) and not being aware and prepared for Christ’s imminent return.


Rain Jose Feliciano


Rain   (1969)
lyrics – Hilda Feliciano (wife), José Feliciano
music – Hilda Feliciano, José Feliciano
sung by – José Feliciano
genre – Soft rock
side B – She’s A Woman
album – Light My Fire (1997)


Listen to the pouring rain
Listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain
You know I love you more



Let it rain all night long,
Let my love for you go strong,
As long as we’re together
Who cares about the weather?

Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it fall,
And with every drop of rain,
I can hear you call,
Call my name right out loud,
I can here above the clouds
And I’m here among the puddles,
You and I together huddle.

Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it fall.

It’s raining,
It’s pouring,
The old man is snoring,
Went to bed
And bumped his head,
He couldn’t get up in the morning,

Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to the rain.

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