Our Daily Bread – November 2016

odb-november-2016Here is this month’s November 2016 promotional commentary of the monthly devotional called Our Daily Bread. This publication has been around for 58 years. It was first published in April 1956.

It includes articles related to the Bible and Christian living, a daily Bible reading, an article about the Bible reading and an insight about the passage. It also gives you scriptures so you can read the entire Bible in one year. In other words, it is a treasure to help you in your daily growth with Jesus Christ, your Savior.

Below is a list of the titles of the daily articles from this month’s (November) booklet. Underneath each are my personal brief thoughts about the article.



The Rook chess piece models a tower.

November 1, 2016   Run to Me
In Proverbs 18:10, God’s word says that God is a fortified tower. What is this tower that He wants us to run to in time of trouble? Be strengthened reading this.

November 2, 2016    Wonderful and Alert
There are many temptations and spiritual dangers that are constantly bombarding us Christians. What should we always be alert for? Read this and find out.

November 3, 2016    Leading with Love
Whatever leadership position you hold, this day’s message will provide you valuable insights in leading those depending on you. A great read.


November 4, 2016    Strong Conqueror
A key word discussed in this day’s devotional is restraint. Jesus greatly exercised it when He was on trial. Jesus’ strength, even as a human being, is gloriously revealed in this article.

November 5, 2016    Love in Action
Saying you love someone, especially as a Christian, is magnified by sharing it in action. This day’s message focuses on love – especially love of neighbor. Interesting reading.

November 6, 2016    A Safe Place
There are many Christians who have become spiritual hermits. For one reason or another, they stopped attending church services opting instead to stay at home. I, for ten years, was one of them! This article is about the church and how it is to be. Every Christian leader should also read this!

November 7, 2016   A Difficult Hill
As we Christians go forth in our Christian journey, we come across difficult hills or mountains that must be dealt with. This day’s message offers us guidelines as to how to progress.

November 8, 2016    We Had No Idea
Galatians 6:2 says we are to “carry each others’ burdens”. All of us can list the burdens that occur to our brothers and sisters, but by remembering the burdens we ourselves had to face (and still face) is how we get to know the hardships of others in a helpful manner. Read this beneficial message.

November 9, 2016    Signs and Feelings
In Matthew 6:4 Christ said, “A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign”. But this day’s devotional states that seeking a sign is not necessarily bad. Read this and learn the difference.

Blue jeans by Levi Strauss

Blue jeans by Levi Strauss

November 10, 2016    A New Purpose
Who invented blue jeans? This day’s message gives a brief history of it. What does that have to do with anything? What does it have to do with you? Read this and find out.

November 11, 2016    Seeing Well
How do we see God? Better yet, how do we see Jesus Christ? There are two ways about Him discussed in this article that ide tidies Him as one, great, personable Being. This is fascinating reading.

November 12, 2016    Bread!
This day’s devotional delightfully presents a definition of evangelism and what it means to witness the gospel. Insightful article.

November 13, 2016    Pay Close Attention
Next time you are at a church service, remember this devotional whose purpose is to help us always be attentive.

November 14, 2016    All Together Now
Unity of mind and worshiping God with one voice are powerful tools for the church. Therefore, for what reason do church brethren participate in pot-luck socials, fellowship get-togethers and church sponsored programs? Focus it all together now by reading this.

November 15, 2016     Do I Matter?
If you are feeling lonely or depressed with a sense that no one cares for you, reading this article may quickly change your viewpoint.

November 16, 2016    The Twelfth Man
This day’s message gives the reason why remembering the notable saints of Hebrews 11 are valuable for us Christian saints today.

November 17, 2016    A Façade
We Christians often battle with our inner motives. Who we present ourselves to the public is all too often not actually who we are the way God sees us. It is a conflict where we at times feel like hypocrites. This is a very insightful article all Christians should read!

November 18, 2016    Love Without Borders
This day’s devotional is a study on John 15:13 as well as John 3:16, 1 John 3:16 and John 15:13. Wow!

Stars at night

Stars at night

November 19, 2016    Skywatcher
When you look at the star-studded heavens in the evening sky, what thoughts about God come to your mind? This day’s message will help you begin.

November 20, 2016    Sacrificial Faith
This day’s devotional strongly reminds me that the Christian Church is (and has been) a persecuted Church. Read more about this here.

November 21, 2016    What About You?
Your observance of the Thanksgiving Day (US) tradition can improve if you work on this area. And it does not have to be used only on this American holiday.

November 22, 2016    Longing for Home
Our future home that we long for, according to this article, is far different than what you first expect. Make yourself at home reading this.

November 23, 2016    Fame and Humility
Was Jesus both famous and humble during His life? Read more about the nature of Christ (God) here.

November 24, 2016    Game of Thanks
This day’s topic is – you guessed it – thankfulness. It is easy for us humans to compile complaints to gripe about. How about changing your tone and attitude? Read about this here.

November 25, 2016    Best Deal Ever
I learned from this article that the “Black Friday” shopping frenzy that occurs after the US Thanksgiving Day holiday has spread to other nations.  Ecclesiastes 5:11 therefore has that much more significance for each of us.

The undo key from a computer keyboard

November 26, 2016   Unsend
Have you ever put your foot in your mouth wishing you never said whatever you regrettably said in the first place? This day’s devotional addresses that issue in a refreshing way.

November 27, 2016   The Red Hackle
This day’s message centers on Psalm 92:14. I also appreciated the INSIGHT box portion of the devotional in which the very important context and meaning of this verse was provided to us readers.

Red Hackle fish lure

Red Hackle fish lure

November 28, 2016   Beautiful
Question: How can we see a person in a wheelchair as a person not in a wheelchair? Answer: The same way Jesus Christ sees him. Great reading here.

November 29, 2016    I’m Rich!
This article states that a person who knows God’s way, who is converted and a dedicated believer in God, can have the same joy and gratitude a big, jackpot lottery winner can have!  What?!!! Read about this here!

November 30, 2016  What Are You Worth?
How much are you, a Christian or unbeliever, worth in dollars and cents? Find out what this is all about by reading this.


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