When I’m Gone

Music HighwayI never knew of Christian gospel singer, Joey Feek, or her husband, Rory, until recently. I first heard about them the same time I learned Joey had passed away just this March 2016 due to cancer.

After hearing her sing and becoming acquainted with her life (see second video below the lyrics), I had to sigh and ask, “Why so soon, Lord? Why did she die so young?” “Why couldn’t I hear her sing while she was alive?” “Why couldn’t she sing more songs?”

This past week, on November 1, I was reminded of a holy day called, All Saints’ Day, I used to observe that day in my early childhood and teenage days as a Roman Catholic member.  What does this day have to do with Joey Feek, the Christian musician who sang from her heart? Here are my brief thoughts regarding this.

All Saints' DayAll Saints’ Day has been celebrated for decades, centuries, by Catholics (and the Eastern Orthodox Church and some denominations) as a day dedicated for the canonized saints who have died. I have also called this day, All Hallows’ Day. “Hallow” means, holy. Note the words of the Lord’s prayer, “… hallowed be Thy name.” God’s name is holy.

Centuries ago, each new day began at sunset (not midnight), the evening before and continued on through the following day until the following sunset. Therefore, All Saints’ Day began on the evening known here as Halloween, October 31 and continued through to November 1st until sunset.

Why am I bringing this up? I am not saying that all Christians should observe All Saints’ Day. Quite the contrary. I do not observe it now and, in my opinion, just like Halloween, All Saints’ Day with me has too strong a connection with death. As a matter of fact, the actual origin of the festivities celebrated on this day (October 31)  is Celtic, long before Christianity came onto the scene (click here for Samhain).

As a former Catholic, I just wanted to share what these days in October 31 – November 1 remind me of. Also, the following day, November 2nd, is called by Roman Catholicism, All Souls’ Day. It is yet another day that corresponds with those who have died.

* All Saints’ Day is much like the United States’ Veterans’ Day AND Memorial Day whereas. . .
* All Souls’ Day is celebrated to remember everyone else who has died.

Once again, as you can see, there is much emphasis by these first two days of the month of November on death. It is not my favorite time of the year. I dislike the gloom it represents. It also reminds me of the approaching cold, dark days of winter up here in the Northeast.

But, since I do not consider myself a pessimistic person; nor do I give myself over to depression but, after meditating more on all this, I could not help but rejoice that one day, after reuniting with our own families, friends and acquaintances, we will all meet and get to know the vast numbers of gifted people who have ever lived.

Just thinking about this is cause for excitement! We will meet all saved souls who ever lived, including:

Gifted artists musiciansAmazing artists,

Innovative inventors,

Terrific teachers,

Effective evangelists,

Healed persons who had Down’s Syndrome,

Lively children previously aborted and

Saintly singers such as Joey Feek.

A tremendous multitude of people from all ages – past, present and future – who God created will be socializing with us very soon. The skills and talents of all those who ever lived throughout history will gather together before the throne of God in heaven.

Let me repeat, creative individuals, many with beautiful singing voices, will shout proclamations to the God of the universe, the great Giver of talent, righteousness and love.

God is not the author of darkness, separation, and death. He sums all of His majesty in the life of Jesus Christ who came to earth born a human in order to fulfill God’s main purpose for man – life everlasting of all having God-given talents.

Please think on these things as you reflect on the two YouTube videos below.

Joey and Rory album


When I’m Gone  (2012)
lyrics – Sandra Lawrence
music – Sandra Lawrence
sung by – Joey M. Feek (1975 – 2016)
genre – Country gospel
album – His And Hers


A bright sunrise will contradict
the heavy fault that weighs you down
In spite of all the funeral songs
The birds will make their joyful sounds

Joey & Rory Feek

Joey & Rory Feek

You wonder why the earth still moves
You wonder how you’ll carry on
But you’ll be okay on that first day
When I’m gone

Dusk will come with fireflies
And whippoorwill and crickets call
And every star will take its place
And silvery gown and purple shawl

You’ll lie down in our big bed
Dread the dark and dread the dawn
But you’ll be alright on that first night
When I’m gone

You will reach for me in vain
You’ll be whispering my name
As if sorrow were your friend
And this world so in the end

But life will call with daffodil
And morning glorious blue skies
You’ll think of me some memory
And softly smile to your surprise

And even though you love me still
You will know where you belong
Just give it time we’ll both be fine
When I’m gone

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Joey & Rory’s story televised on CBS’ Sunday Morning program, 9/04/2016.

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