My World Is Empty Without You

Music HighwayIf you have recently lost a loved one, a family member, it is during this time of the year, which includes the Christmas and New Year holidays, that can be emotionally difficult. As I stated in my post, Those Were The Days, I had many pleasant memories with my extended family – especially during this time of the year. Even though both my parents died in 1994, ever since then, my Thanksgiving Day and the other holiday festivities contain a void that I still strongly sense.

Yes, my world became different after they departed, but there were much responsibilities for me to do. Life had to go on. New endeavors needed to be started. New goals entered my thinking which lessened the pain. But, still there is a void. Family life is not the same as before, nor will it ever be in this life.

Many of you may have recently broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend and feel that you can no longer live without him or her.  Again, let me say, life must go on and if you believe in God, be assured that very likely He has someone else already planned for you to meet.

I cannot yet, however, fully comprehend what it feels like to lose a spouse. Many of you are going through this right now. I cannot imagine what you experience during the holidays. I am not in your shoes at this time so I am not qualified to say anything else in this regard. I, of course, do believe there is an emptiness in various degrees in your life.

In a different area, if I were to lose my faith in God because of situations such as those mentioned above, I would definitely feel empty. I have indeed gone through several trials and challenges against my faith, but if I did not have God and the Bible, I do not know where I would be today. Even though a few years ago I had stopped attending Christian church services for a few years, I always knew there was God and that He had not given up on me. He has, however, brought me back, little by little, to the fellowship with the saints, His children.

If I had totally lost faith and hope in God, I guess I would be singing a song similar to the YouTube video below. I pray that none of you ever bitterly forsake God. If you are going through a stressful season in life, God will make a way that is best for you. Nothing will continue to look hopeless when you look and remain close to Him.

I also pray that you sense His presence through whatever grief and pain you are undergoing at the present time. Again, do not leave God out of your life. All this emptiness you feel will soon pass away. There are glorious days of love and life still ahead for you.

My World Is Empty Supremes


My World Is Empty Without You   (1965)
lyrics – Eddie Holland
music – Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland
sung by – The Supremes
introduced by: Sammy Davis Jr.
genre – Pop, Soul
side B – Everything Is Good About You
album – I Hear A Symphony


My world is empty without you, babe
My world is empty without you, babe

And as I go my way alone
I find it hard for me to carry on
I need your strength
I need your tender touch
I need the love, my dear
I miss so much



My world is empty without you, babe
My world is empty without you, babe

From this old world
I try to hide my face
Much from this loneliness
There’s no hiding place
Inside this cold and empty house I dwell
In darkness with memories
I know so well

I need love know
More then before
I can hardly
Carry on anymore

My world is empty without you, babe
Without you, babe
(My world is empty) without you, babe

45 rpm, vinyl

45 rpm, vinyl

My mind and soul
Have felt like this
Since love between us
No more exist
And each time that darkness falls
It finds me alone
With these four walls

My world is empty without you, babe
Without you, babe
(My world is empty) without you, babe

Without you, babe
Without you, babe
Without you,
Without you,
Without you.

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