How To Eat Humble Pie

Thanksgiving Day (US) is a day where many American families usually get together over a meal. Historically, it was established as a national holiday to set aside time for the remembrance of the Creator God as our benefactor and to give Him thanks in appreciation for the harvest of blessings He has provided us throughout the year.

Nowadays, not much of God is heard outside of the religious arena during this annual third Thursday of November. Instead, we see football games, department store sales and the start of Christmas commercials on TV. God is hardly mentioned in mainstream society in this country on this day.


Thanksgiving Day Pie Chart

Yet, God is honored on Thanksgiving Day by many citizens who decide to count their blessings and offer prayers of gratitude. God has a special place of honor and indebtedness at these get-togethers before their meals and festivities are fully begun..

After the blessing of prayer is given, the food is enjoyed. The spread of turkey, trimmings and desserts follows. These meals in the past, for me, were special than all other previous meals throughout the year.

I don’t know about your meals on this day, but the ones I especially remember were the ones which included, for dessert, many choices of pies. I would be asked to choose a slice of pumpkin pie, or apple pie, or mince pie or blueberry pie; not to mention the cherry pie, custard pie or pecan pie. Although tempted, I jokingly would request a slice from each one of them.

With that in mind, there is one pie that I am now thinking about. It is a pie that many of us are able to eat without limit. That pie is called, humble pie.

What does eating humble pie mean? My definition of it is:

Accepting meekly and gracefully something beneficial (and at times, non-beneficial)  you do not deserve.

There are many people in this world who do not have the blessings that a nation such as the United States has. Looking at other places such as Syria, Iraq, Honduras and Haiti, they do not even come close to the harvests we have gathered.

Therefore, do we as a nation deserve the blessings we have? No, instead God has been very generous, very merciful to us. Why? Why should our country and those similar to ours be blessed? I believe God has a divine purpose for our country – whether her citizens like it or not.

Mount Soledad cross

Mount Soledad cross, San Diego, CA

As you already know, this nation, the United States, has just elected a new president and, once again, a peaceful transfer of leadership will officially take place in January. I believe the future of the country as a strong sovereign nation for future generations was at stake during the election. Although close to fifty percent of you voters may have disagreed with the outcome at the voting booths, the blessings, I believe, that God will greatly shower the country afterwards will be those we do not deserve. As a matter of fact, we did not deserve any of the material blessings we have ever received in our history.

Spiritually speaking, we Christians (and others who believe in the Almighty God) have never deserved any spiritual blessings whatsoever. Nevertheless, throughout man’s history, God has often given man spiritual blessings he did not deserve. God has ALWAYS initiated His desire to bless mankind.

He has always introduced Himself FIRST to man because He has a plan – a plan of salvation – which He has been working on throughout history.

* God appeared first to Moses in the salvation story of Israel departing from Egypt.

* Jesus gathered His twelve disciples, first, and trained them for His future evangelists.

* He approached Saul (Paul), first, for him to later become apostle to the Gentiles.

Did these individuals deserve to be chosen? Did Moses, the disciples and Paul deserve to follow God? No.

Spiritually speaking again, how do we eat humble pie? Eating humble pie is like eating several different fruit pies all at the same time. By accepting Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us; by walking daily by grace God offers us; by recognizing our nothingness before God and by always understanding what Christ has done for us at Calvary, we humbly accept His blessings of love and mission in our lives.

CornucopiaHow do we eat humble pie? Again, by humbly acknowledging we did not deserve to have our sins forgiven through the death of Christ on the Cross. His life was first freely given to us without our asking.

This pie of humility cannot be bought. It has been heavenly prepared for us. It is served to us for our nourishment, for our benefit, and because it greatly pleases Him.

And God wants this blessing to eventually be partaken by the entire world. Eating humble pie, therefore, encourages us Christians to share Him with others. It involves us living everyday in a Thanksgiving Day gratitude toward others for all He has done.

To all of you, Happy Thanksgiving.


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