Creation Song

Music HighwayOne thing that I have been thankful to God for – especially this year – has been in the listening of Fernando Ortega’s music on Christian radio station WIHS 104.9 FM. On any given morning, I would be sitting in the living room having my cup of coffee when the station’s DJ would play one of Fernando’s songs.

Whenever I hear him sing, I would deepen my focus and enjoy the moment. I say this not to influence the radio station on this, but because there is something about Ortega’s style, his voice, his passion, that just affects my soul. I am sure that the religious experience I had during those moments while listening to him sing was from God, after all, He it was who blessed Fernando’s life in music. So, thank you God and thank you WIHS radio.

imageOn the morning of September 15, when I heard the song, Creation Song, by Fernando Ortega on the radio, I decided right then and there to start writing this music blog post about it.

But, when I viewed the song on YouTube and noticed Mr. Ortega playing the accordion while singing it, it brought back memories. Around 1998, the same year Ortega’s album The Breaking Of The Dawn (which includes Creation Song) was released, I was trying to learn the accordion. In that year, I was taking private lessons from a local musician and recording artist, John Jeski, who sold me an accordion so I could practice. My interest with this instrument only lasted about a year due to other personal issues taking priority.

Anyway, one thing I noticed on the video was that Mr. Ortega was not using his left hand side of the instrument where the buttons are. These buttons on the accordion are where the bass notes and chords can be played. By pressing one button you would hear a major chord, another button would play a seventh chord, still another would be a beautiful minor chord, another button would be a diminished chord.

I do not mean to minimize his musicianship in any way, but Mr. Ortega may have had his reasons for not playing the left side of the accordion.  He is an accomplished pianist which qualifies him to play the accordion how ever way he so chooses. Plus, God has given him a beautiful, resonating, singing voice that I greatly admire.


Gerry Williams

Guess what? A few minutes later, that very same morning, I heard the same song once again on WIHS radio! Fernando Ortega was singing Creation Song, again! Wow!  Gerry Williams, the station’s DJ, repeated the song on the air! I quickly went to the WIHS website,, and looked at the music log and, sure enough, brother Gerry played the song at 6:18 AM and then again at 6:47 AM. I took this occurrence as confirmation from God to post about the song here on the Saturday following Thanksgiving Day (US).

But then again, brother Gerry had previously, still that very same morning, played back to back, I Stand by Michael Card! Mr. Williams probably needed to have a second cup of coffee before getting on the air that day.

Let us now praise our God, the Creator of all things:

Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega

Creation Song   (1998)
lyrics – Fernando Ortega
music – Fernando Ortega
sung by – Fernando Ortega
genre – Contemporary Christian
album – The Breaking Of The Dawn


He wraps Himself in light
As with a garment
He spreads out the heavens
And walks on the wings of the wind
He sends forth the springs from the valleys
They flow between mountains
The birds of the air dwell by the waters
Lifting their voices in song

Fernando Ortega album


Singing glory, glory!
Glory to the Lamb!
All praises and honor forever

He made the moon for its seasons
The sun knows its setting
He looks at the earth and it trembles
He touches the mountains and they smoke
I will sing to the Lord all my life
I will sing praises to my God
As long as I live
Praises to the Lord, oh my soul

Singing glory, glory!
Glory to the Lamb!
All praises and honor forever, and ever

(accordion instrumental)

Singing glory, hallelujah!
Glory to our God!
All praises and honor forever, and ever. Amen!


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