Applications of Luke 2:6-7

 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered
And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger;
there was no
room for them in the inn
Luke 2:6-7

As we approach the day when we Christians celebrate and keep a memorial birth of the Messiah, the Word of God, coming down as a baby to this earth, we can read in the Bible about the unique and very special events of that evening. We can also meditate how they personally can apply to us.

Here then are my thoughts regarding the Bible passage of Luke 2:6-7……..


Jesus was born the Lamb of God in an area of sheep and shepherds.

1]  Why do you suppose God chose a stable in Bethlehem, particularly in an area noted for shepherds? Could one reason be because the Christ child was to be a newly born Lamb among sheep in the vicinity?

That Lamb was perfect at birth and was to always remain unblemished for a future sacrifice on a Roman cross of death during a Passover season several years later.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that we who believe on Jesus, as Christians, are also considered sheep, the flock of God. Yet all of us continue to sin. We are all spiritually blemished – but not before God. Christ’s death and resurrection made it possible for us to become like Him, unblemished, pure, holy – especially in God’s sight (Romans 3:23-24).

Also, Christ as an infant, was totally dependent on His parents, especially His mother Mary. It was Mary’s immediate caring and loving arms plus her feeding that provided for the needs of the Christ child.

The same is true with us Christians. We are still relatively infants in the church; continually in need of feeding, protecting, guiding and care.

Later, when Jesus was dying on the cross, He told John, one of His disciples, to take care of His mother (John 19:25-27 NKJV). Mary, to me, represents the Church. John was told to take care of her – an assignment he was to also carry over to the newly forming Church in Judea and elsewhere.

As maturing Christians, it is important to care for the Church as God gives us ability. We are to protect her from harm, deception and neglect. God loves the Church and Christ still wants us, His children, to help protect her. I will relate more about this later.

Oh, and by the way, speaking of children, just as Mary, a virgin, gave birth before consummating the marriage with Joseph, the Church is bearing children, children of God, Christians, BEFORE she is to marry Jesus Christ when He returns.


Empty manger.

2]  God, the Father of Jesus, made sure Mary gave birth during a time when a governmental census was required and there was no room in the inn. It was no coincidence that Christ was born in a stable or cave. God did not overlook where and how His Son was to be born.

As Mary was experiencing increasing labor pains, Joseph sought and looked for a place to stay in Bethlehem. He may have received a tip from an innkeeper about a nearby stable. How did Joseph finally find the place? Did he see this stable and just take it over without inquiring about it?

Joseph may have noticed a cave converted to a stable. He may have asked permission from the owner who probably was the wife of a shepherd who was out tending his sheep in the field that evening.

Perhaps then she saw Mary’s condition and provided a manger. She would also have made further prenatal preparations for the newborn child.

Mary gave birth to Christ at that location.

Application; This is an example that when you feel overwhelmed with problems and are going through difficult and uncertain stages in your life, you will find comfort that God works everything out on your behalf. When you believe there is no chance in the world for a problem to resolve, if you make petitions to God, beseech Him; tell Him your plight, your situation, do you think He will listen? I strongly believe so. And soon. The answer will come. I have had trials that seemed impossible seeing a resolution when, out of the blue, all became calm, all became bright. I had a silent night’s sleep.

Upon conversion, we Christians gain a spiritual parent, a Father in heaven, who will always look over us in love and commitment.


Click on image.

3]  The Bible does not say anything about this, but think about it, as I mentioned earlier, Joseph was looking for a place to stay. There were no vacancies in any inn in town. Mary was probably experiencing increasing labor pains and contractions as Joseph hurriedly continued looking finally finding a place for the delivery of Jesus….

Attention ladies: In ancient days, Hebrew children came into the world with the aid of midwives (see Genesis 35:16-18; Exodus 2:1-3).  The Bible does not say about it here, but again think about this, did Joseph help Mary deliver their baby? Very possible. According to the modern movie, The Nativity Story, Joseph delivered the Christ child. But I think there could have been another person or more available and involved who worked as midwives for Mary.

A midwife may have been brought in from the city as the the book, The Midwife Of Bethlehem, above suggests – click on image for info. But I do not believe this is what happened. I believe there was very little time to obtain a midwife for the baby Jesus to be brought in. Very likely, one the wives of the shepherds (who were out tending sheep), perhaps the very one who also owned the stable, helped with the delivery of the child. She most likely knew full well how to deliver baby lambs into the world. Was the Christ child in any danger? Not at all.

Therefore, do you think God left out the women in the area on this significant night? Probably not! While angels were before the shepherds out in the field, their wives likely gathered together attending to a woman, Mary, expecting a child in a stable.

Did any of the ladies provide a meal for Mary and Joseph that evening? Did any of them make sure the area was warm enough? Did any of the shepherd wives hurriedly bring water and linen for this occasion? The Bible does not say. Maybe only the stable’s owner did it all. Maybe it was just Joseph and Mary together alone who brought Christ child into this world. What do you think?

I believe there is much in favor of God providing one or more midwives for Mary. Why? It was a woman, Mary, who mothered the child. It was a woman, Mary, who nursed and fed the child Jesus, since infancy. It were women who mostly witnessed the death of Christ nearest to the base of the Cross (John 19:25 ). Women were the ones who, before the Sabbath began, prepared spices (which they never used!) to anoint Christ’s body for burial while He was in the tomb (Luke 23:56). When Jesus rose from the dead, it was a woman who first saw and spoke to the risen Christ (Mark 16:9). Why not have other women besides Mary help bring the Savior into the world?

You pastors’ wives and you ladies in the church, newly born-again Christians will be entering the fold. Will you be ready to greet them motherly and sisterly? I believe it will be very easy for most of you ladies to do this. Yes, God, through the Holy Spirit will show you how to be “midwives” in His church. Amen? Amen.

Homework questions:
1)  What do swaddling clothes mean in Luke 2:7?
2)  What swaddling clothes should be given to newly born-again Christians in the Church?

Merry Christmas to all of you.
And to all, God bless.

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