Turn Around, Look At Me

Music HighwayMany people are living day to day without any thought that God exists and that He is always near. God is always watching, expressing love toward everything and everyone He has created.

Yet, man continues to sin. He continues to live as if he is in total control. Man believes that no one should tell him what to do. Yet God is there, ever-present.

And He is right now in the process of calling people to a special work. He is at this moment making final preparations for His soon-coming kingdom.

Just as a newly-elected president of a country, such as the United States, seeks and chooses who his advisors and cabinet members will be in his new administration, so has Jesus Christ been choosing and preparing His saints for His soon-coming kingdom. What do I mean? Let me explain.

Turn Around signThe Church that Jesus Christ started building 2,000 years ago has – and is – being staffed, through the ages, with a chosen few. These chosen are the saints. They were called – and are still being called – to a mission to make disciples from all nations (Matt. 28:19).

Not everyone called to be disciples has accepted and therefore become part of the Church, the body of Christ.  Did not Christ say  “many are called, but few are chosen” (Matt. 22:14)? So then, what will happen to all those who were NOT chosen? Are they now doomed? Are they lost forever? Are they going to hell? Many Christians would have you believe so.

Again, who were they who were called and yet not chosen? They are now not the ones who are members of the body of Christ, the church, plain and simple. Many of them who were called, for some reason, did not follow through. What is the significance of this?

Well, if a loved one died and did not answer a calling to be a Christian, it is not the end for him. He is not going to hell because he or she did not heed the call. God, I believe will work with this person differently after He returns. I realize there is much disagreement here. But, Jesus Christ will straighten out all misunderstanding when He returns.

But with the saints comprising His church, that is another matter. I believe these saints, who were called and became members of Body of Christ, will be the co-administrators during the millennial Kingdom of God working alongside Jesus Christ. They will be the co-rulers with Christ when He returns to earth (Rev. 20:4-6).

Those called and chosen ones will rule on earth in order to bring the world into the fold of the household of God.

Is this universalism, you ask? In other words, is everyone who ever lived eventually going to be automatically saved whether or not they first accept their calling? The answer is, no. Is this not unfair for those who lived righteously and sacrificed daily and gave up their lives for the testimony of Christ? No, it is not. These are doctrinal issues that I have been pondering over the last three or four years. God’s grace is more and more wonderful the more I meditate on it. (Click on: I Wish I Were A Universalist!).

In the meantime, if you sense Jesus Christ calling you to believe on Him; to be a part of His body, the church, then that is a voice you should heed. Now is the time to turn around and look at Whom it is who is calling you. Turn around and through the eyes of the Scriptures, Bible teachers, saints, and other circumstances happening to you, understand. You will then see Him who loves you, who will guide you, and who will use (“need”) you forever.


Turn Aound, single

Single (1968)

Turn Around, Look At Me   (1961)
lyrics – Jerry Capehart
music – Jerry Capehart
sung by – The Vogues
genre – Folk, Pop
side B – “Then”
album – Turn Around, Look At Me


There is someone walking behind you,
Turn around, look at me
There is someone watching your footsteps,
Turn around, look at me

Turn Around album


There is someone who really needs you
Here is my heart in my hand
Turn around (turn around), look at me (look at me)
Undertstand, understand

That there’s someone who’ll stand beside you
Turn around, look at me
And there’s someone to love and guide you
Turn around, look at me

Oh, I’ve waited, but I’ll wait forever
For you to come to me
Look at someone (Look at someone)
Who really loves you (yea loves you)
Turn around, look at me
Turn around, look at me

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Song first released and sung by Glen Campbell (1961):

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