Fernando Ortega: Just As I Am

Music HighwayJesus Christ had just died and was, with the help of Joseph of Arimathea, buried in a tomb. Even though the disciples all went home to observe the sabbath, their minds were not at rest. They were in shock at what just happened to their Lord.

The disciples were confused. Their lives, to them, seemingly had taken a turn for the worse. It may well be they were all planning on moving out of town, out of Jerusalem, because of fear of the religious

Their dreams, so they thought, of a David-like leader to
rule over Israel had come to an end.

But, God was moving forward with His plans for them and
for the world.

All was not lost. God still loved them, just as they were
in their stricken state of mind.

Purpose signAfter Christ rose again, all that happened to the disciples and their witness of the risen Savior became historical examples of what God can accomplish for all mankind – including you.

Many of you today are at a loss. You have come to a dead end in your life. Your dreams and goals may have been crushed. You lack a purpose for living.
You may have made mistakes that
have affected you, your family, and your friends. What
are you now going to do?

It just may be that God is looking over your situation right now. As a matter of fact, I strongly believe He is with you right now. And He has already presented Himself to you in ways that only you already have sensed and are beginning to realize. He has been revealing Himself to you for quite some time now.

He has been telling you that you can have a new life. He wants you to accept Him, just as you are, now. You do not have to make any vows of purity before you present yourself to Him. No more promises need to be made that you know you cannot keep. No prerequisite procrastinating of good behavior need to be accomplished. Just come now as you are to Jesus Christ.

Tell Him you are sorry for the evils you have committed. Tell Him your troubles, your worries.  Tell Him, just as you are, about the confusion you now are in. Tell Him, just as you are, about all of the bitterness you have against those who have hurt you. Tell Him of all the pain you have inflicted on yourself. Go to Him just as you are and accept His forgiveness and love for you.

Come just as you are so He can help you come out of your self-defeating lifestyle. Let Him lead you as to what to do next. You will know. Accept Jesus Christ and begin a whole new life just as He did for you when He walked out of His grave.


Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega: Just As I Am   (2011)
lyrics & music – Charlotte Elliot, Cyril Loris Neil Holland, Deniece Williams, William B. Bradbury
sung by – Fernando Ortega
genre – Christian, Gospel
album – Come Down O Love Divine
track no. – 3

I waited and waited for God
He turned and He heard me
He lifted me out of the mud
His own hands they cured me
The Lord is my help
I will not be confounded
So I have focused my face like a flint
I’ll not be ashamed
Lord I come

Fernando Ortega


Just as I am
Without one plea
But that Your blood
Was shed for me   (repeat)

Take the days that remain in my life
Lord let me serve You
While there is breath on my lips
I would proclaim You
I long for Your return
I long to see You face to face
I long to join the eternal song
Communion of all the saints
Lord I come


Billy Graham

Billy Graham

(Billy Graham speaks)
I remember one night in the hospital.
I thought I was dying.
And my whole life came before me.
And I didn’t say to the Lord,
“I am a preacher.
I’ve preached to many people.”
I said, “Oh, Lord, I’m a sinner.
I still need your forgiveness.
I still need The Cross.”


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