My Woman, My Woman, My Wife

Music HighwaySoon it will be Mother’s Day in the United States and elsewhere. It is a day set aside by many families to appreciate and remember the acts of love and kindness the mother within the family unit provided them.

Perhaps many of your mothers are deceased, divorced from the family or have not shown concern or care for you. You may have had mothers who fell very short in expressing the love and affection you craved as a child. Let me
express that I am trying to understand intently
what you have experienced  in your lives.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I published
the post, How To Talk So Husbands Will Listen.
I believe many moms came from  homes having
issues and emotional baggage of their own. Many
just never learned how to be good mothers.  I know
I maybe oversimplifying greatly here, but there
probably were poor examples shown from uncaring

Overall, I believe God has built into mothers a nurturing instinct that is beyond description. It is a wonderful thing He has done. Yet, despite that, many children are raised under difficult home situations brought about from the shortcomings of one or both parents.

I am sure, most of you are parents who want your children to appreciate what you
have done for them during their formative years. But I also believe some sort of positive
intervention – perhaps from God Himself – has
influenced the children in many of your homes
to grow up still loving you. Just my thoughts here.

With all that in mind, it is pleasing to watch and hear the YouTube video below about a husband greatly praising his wife. The singer, Marty Robbins, in the lyrics, lists several reasons why. It takes a woman with knowledge, wisdom and insight to cause her husband to sing this way. If you moms know how to nurture and encourage your family in positive ways, songs such as these will be sung to you.

To you mothers and mothers-to-be:
I strongly believe that if you are a God-fearing person, especially trusting in Jesus Christ, He will greatly help you into becoming the women that are needed in bringing about strong, stable societies for future moms and their families to enjoy.  Happy Mother’s Day.


Marty Robbins (1925 – 1982)

My Woman, My Woman, My Wife   (1970)
lyrics – Marty Robbins
music – Marty Robbins
sung by – Marty Robbins
genre – Country, Pop
side B – “Martha Ellen Jenkins”
album – My Woman, My Woman, My Wife


Hands that are strong but wrinkled
Doing work that never gets done
Hair, that’s lost some of the beauty
By too many hours in the sun

Eyes, that show some disappointment
And there’s been quite a lot in her life
She’s the foundation I lean on
My woman, my woman, my wife


Everyday has been uphill
Oh, we climb but we can’t reach the top
I’m weak and I’m easily discouraged
She just smiles when I want to stop

Lips, that are weary but tender
With love, that strengthens my life
A saint, in a dress made of gingham
My woman, my woman, my wife

Two little babies were born in the spring
But died when the winter was new
I lost control of my mind and my soul
But my woman’s faith carried us through

When she reaches that river
Lord, you know what she’s worth
Give her that mansion up yonder
‘Cause she’s been through hell here on earth

Lord, give her my share of Heaven
If I’ve earned any here in this life
‘Cause God, I believe she deserves it
My woman, my woman, my wife

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Marty Robbin’s live performance:

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