Four Pillars Of A Man’s Heart (book)

PillarsWhen I more deeply gave my life to the Lord, I was in my twenties and started attending a Bible-based church. And since I was not married at the time, I also became a member of the singles group of that church.

Within that social group there were members, mostly the ladies, that encouraged us single guys to read certain books. Hmm. I wonder why? Anyway, these books were similar to the one you see on your right, Four Pillars Of A Man’s Heart by Stu Weber.

Its focus is on how to be a complete man – especially as a Christian. Again, this book is not one I read at that time when I devoted my life to Christ, but as I read it, it strongly brought back memories of what I had read back then.

As I did with my post right before Mother’s Day,
How To Talk So Your Husband Will Listen,
I now strongly suggest that both men and women
read this book, The Four Pillars Of A Man’s Heart.

This was one of the books that I read when I was single. It is greatly about Jesus Christ.

Before I continue, I was pleasantly surprised to see the book to your right Man Of Steel And Velvet still in print! This book was highly required reading by the church I was in – especially among the singles. Click on image for Amazon details.

Yes indeed, there have always been several good books on the subject of masculine responsibilities which I believe should be read by both men and women. Four Pillars Of A Man’s Heart is therefore not be the only book you men should be reading. Nevertheless, this one does provide some good enlightenment overall.

The main theme of Four Pillars Of A Man’s Heart is that each man is designed by God as being conceptually four pillars that provide strong support for the family, the church and society. This book emphasizes four areas where each man is to be balanced. If any of the four pillars is tilted in one direction rather than being upright, an overbearing person may result. If it is tilted in another direction rather than being upright, a weak and passive male very likely will result.

These four pillars are:
I)      king
II)    warrior
III)   mentor
IV)  friend

How is a strong Christian the leader of his family? I am
sure you can find Scriptures on man being the head
of his household under Christ – spiritually and literally.

There are key areas that each man must fight, protect and defend. This book covers them in detail with excellent examples.

Many a successful person has been tremendously aided
in his life by a mentor who came to his side and “coached”
him. Offering another person(s) to become an apprentice
is a good way to describe this pillar. This pillar is highly
important for each man to understand, apply and become.

The Friend Pillar described in this book is not only about being a true friend with another person. The man who upholds this pillar has Jesus Christ as his Friend. I want to say more but must stop for those who have not this book and want to read it.

If you have studied the Bible for any length of time, you would have seen qualities that pleased God. He constantly looks for and builds for these qualities in order to help and encourage His people –  in both the Old and New Covenants.

King David had the qualities of being a good king, a good warrior, a good mentor and a good friend. As did Moses, the apostle Paul, and of course Jesus Christ.

It is Jesus’s qualities that formed the thesis of this book. Its message is easy to understand, again, making it difficult for me to prevent from being the spoiler for those who have not read it.

This book is in no way misogynistic. It is does not suggest that any woman be “put in her place” whatever that means. Instead, it reveals how the man of each household must be strong and true in his role with God, the family and society.

Here are the chapters:
Chapters 1 – 3 are introductory in nature. Chapter three is entitled “Four Pillars in Eden”.
Chapters 4 – 7 is about THE KING PILLAR.
Chapters 8 – 9 is about THE WARRIOR PILLAR.
Chapters 10 – 11 is about THE MENTOR PILLAR.
Chapters 12 – 13 is about THE FRIEND PILLAR.

The last sections of the book are:
* A woman among the pillars
* A Very Personal Postscript for Wives

I cannot emphasize enough the benefits, the value, and importance for men to read books such as this one. If you were to ask why has there has been so much written on this subject, well, just look at our society today. First of all, I believe there are far too many single-parent households in this country (US) and elsewhere. Social research is realizing that two-parent homes with a strong, loving father is vital for the health of the family and society.

I strongly believe that a vibrant, Christian home led by a father who follows God and His Word, the Bible, is one great solution in dealing with the many social ills we see all around us.

Stu Weber




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