Child of Clay

Music HighwayLast month, before Mother’s Day, I posted my thoughts on the importance of a good father for the family to be healthy and contributing to society. What is a good father? What does he look like? How does he behave? The book in that post I suggested to read was How To Talk So Your Husband Will Listen.

I realize that the reading of books alone will not, of themselves, change anyone. Instead, it is a person’s desire to learn and change his patterns
of thinking and behaving to become better and
preductive citizens of the community that is

As a matter of fact, regarding reading for knowledge and wisdom, I have heard several surveys stating that many men in our society do not read as much as do the ladies. I have also heard that women tend to be more church-going and religious minded than men. Whether or not that is the case, there are just too many poor examples of fathers in our society that reflect why the home and married life is becoming more dysfunctional. Also the sociological nature of the roles of men and women in society are changing. Believing in God and seeking His wisdom, especially in ourWestern cultures, are continuing to become a thing of the past.

Collapse of the Twin Towers after terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001

Over the course of man’s history, we have been seeing the results of selfishness and neglect against our children. Many children (and adults!) even now have been questioning why they were born. Many have resorted to crime, alcohol abuse and illicit drugs. Others have joined evil gangs or become needlessly suicidal. Question: Where were the parents of these children as they were growing up?

Sadly, many of our homes have only one parent. There are also many homes who have fathers who have been (and still are) abusive, neglectful, absent and uncaring.

We must ask who is the blame for the men and women who are now desperately seeking meaning in life? Who is to blame for children (and later adults) still hungering greatly for love and affection? Who is to blame for troubled children (many who are now adults) who have needed beneficial mentors, friends, champions and leaders in their homes who can point them on to the right paths toward success?

Abraham Lincoln

Most, not all of course, men, women and children who were born with fairly healthy minds and bodies have all been shaped and molded by the values within their homes, families and often acquaintances as they grew up. When a child goes bad, becoming a problem for himself and against those around him, we must ask, what caused that person to become that way? What influenced him or her to behave that way? What caused a person, for example, to become a terrorist and destroy his own life alongside several others who were innocent?

What caused a person to overdose and die from heroin?

What caused a person to hate himself?

What caused a person to hate others?

Adolf Hitler

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, people have ever more so needed the Lord. People need God today – more so, I believe, than ever. And when a person seeks and finds Him, that person now has a God who is shaping and molding him to become what He [God] created him to be – a beautiful child, a happy child, a child of God.

When you have God in your life; when you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, your life and the lives of others will be important. Why? Because every life is important to God. He sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ, God’s Child Of Clay, for many to become the completed, beautiful creation who will be joyful
throughout eternity. God will be the Father to whom all His children
will adore because of His love for them. You owe your very conscious
existence to Him and to Him only.

The infant Jesus was placed in a manger.

If you have no physical father today to say, “Happy Father’s Day”,  pray to your Creator, your Father, the Giver of life eternal and tell Him thankfully and adoringly how much you love Him.

Jimmie Rodgers

Child Of Clay   (1967)
lyrics – Ernie Maresca, Jimmy Curtiss
music – Ernie Maresca, Jimmy Curtiss
sung by – Jimmie Rodgers
genre – Popular
side B – “Turnaround”
album – Child Of Clay


Into the darkness he was sent by parents
Who were ignorant, hm, hm
Tied down to his mother’s strings
Unable to be anything, hm, hm
Puzzled by the things he hears
His questions fall on their deaf ears


The father thinking work comes first
Ain’t got the time to quench a thirst
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Once he was a child,
A beautiful child
A child of clay
Shaped and molded
Into what he is today
Tell me who is to blame
For this child of clay

Vinyl 45 rpm. Source:

Going out into the street at night
The answers he may meet, hm, hm
With sick and twisted minds
He shares the searching questions
His heart bears, hm, hm

And from the dregs
The answers find their way into his supple mind
In time the planted seeds will grow
Into a twisted vine below
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Once he was a child,
A beautiful child
A child of clay
Shaped and molded
Into what he is today
And who is to blame
For this child of clay


And aimless days begin
To drift into sordid sin, hm, hm
And soon his dislike turns to hate
As the stamp of life seals his fate, hm, hm

And so the night conceals his name
And the days sleep off his shame
Deprived of love and wrought by fear
A feeling that the end is near
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, once he was a child,
A beautiful child
A child of clay
Shaped and molded
Into what he is today
Tell me who is to blame
For this child of clay

Once he was a child,
A beautiful child
A child of clay
Shaped and molded
Into what he is today
Tell me who is to blame
For this child of clay

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
As sung by the songwriter, Ernesto “Ernie” Maresca:

As sung by the song’s co-writer, Jimmie Curtis:

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