Oh God, You Are My God

On weekday mornings, there is not a day that goes by that I will not hear Gerry Williams of Christian radio station WIHS 104.9 FM, “thanking God for a new day.”

I sense that he really means it. Why shouldn’t he? He, like most Christians, understands what this world is like and how very precious life is. Another day thus starts with opportunities for him to grow and evermore draw closer to the Creator of all things.

And that Creator is Jesus Christ. He created
life and He is the Savior of life. Getting up every
morning and knowing that He exists and that
He loves us gives the believing heart much to
be thankful.

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So, it is a tradition of mine, for the last few years, on the weekend following Thanksgiving Day in the US, to thank this radio station – its staff – for the work they do for us Christians who listen in to the broadcasts.  I know God is pleased and will help and guide it forward. I pray that the station’s heart remain true to the cause and great mission given to it.

I want to also thank WIHS for the programming, the words of wisdom, the songs for God, the readings from the Bible, and the proclamation of Jesus Christ over the airwaves.

One Christian singer WIHS has played
often during the year is Fernando Ortega. I have deep
appreciation for the way he sings and worships God.
I know it is all from God.

I am sure all you Christians have your favorite singing
artists. Fernando Ortega happens to one of mine.

So, once again, thank you WIHS 104.9 FM for broadcasting
from central Connecticut, USA, to the world on radio and
even from the internet.

God bless.


Juan Fernando Ortega

Oh God, You Are My God   (2006)
lyrics – Fernando Ortega
music – Fernando Ortega
sung by – Fernando Ortega
genre – Christian Contemporary, worship
album – Shadow of Your Wings: Hymns & Sacred Songs
source: The Bible, Psalm 63


Oh God, you are my God
Earnestly I seek you
My Soul thirsts for you,
My flesh yearns for you
In a dry and weary land
Where there is no water


I remember you at night
Through the watches of the night
In the shadow of your wings
I sing because you help me
My soul clings to you
And your hand upholds me

You alone
You alone
You alone
You alone


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