Our Daily Bread – January 2018

Here is this month’s January 2018 promotional commentary of the monthly devotional called Our Daily Bread. This publication has been around for over 60 years. It was first published in April 1956.

It includes articles related to the Bible and Christian living, a daily Bible reading, an article about the Bible reading and an insight about the passage. It also gives you scriptures so you can read the entire Bible in one year. In other words, it is a treasure to help you in your daily growth with Jesus Christ, your Savior.

Below is a list of the titles of the daily articles from this month’s (January) booklet. Underneath each are my personal brief thoughts about the article.



January 1, 2018      Beginning Again
As you reflect on your achievements – or lack of them – during the past year 2017, you can indeed look forward with much excitement as you start anew. Reading here in day’s devotional an example of what happened to the Jews will fill your heart with hope!

A lonely flower in the midst of concrete.

January 2,2018      Pressing On
As we Christians journey in the harsh, UNspiritual dryness of this world, we can flourish as if we were constantly on an oasis! How so? Read this article and find out!

January 3, 2018    Breathtaking Glory
We can, at times, be awed by the superstructures that man has constructed over the years. But reflecting on the architecture of God’s creation is even better. Be greatly inspired reading this!

January 4, 2018    What Do the Experts Say?
As you already know, we believers are constantly bombarded with prophesies and prognostications that can be very upsetting – if not annoying. But relying on the Word of God is very reliable and trustworthy! Read more about this here!

Cowboy boots

January 5, 2018     Just Like My Father
This day’s message reflects on 1 Peter 5:8-12. If your earthly father was a very good man and you feel you can never “fill his shoes” in this life, be assured that what God wants you to do day-to-day will soon be a great and wonderful reality!

January 6, 2018     The Gift of the Magi
The travel to Bethlehem of the Magi who were Gentiles coming to honor the King of the Jews, Jesus Christ, is just amazing. Their attitude when they arrived and saw the child was one we can indeed emulate. Read about these wise men here.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

January 7, 2018      One Name
What is so significant about a person’s name? Why is the name of Jesus so important? How is Jesus’s name
“a name above every name” (Philippians 2:9)? If you do not know,
please read this.

January 8, 2018     The Debt Eraser
This day’s devotional is simple, yet very deep. It is about
payment of debt and how Jesus has done this once and
for all. Great reading!

January 9, 2018     Stones of Remembrance
If you take a little time to reflect on how God has helped you in your times of difficulty, it will continually strengthen your affectionate relationship with God – it will become deeper and more trustworthy. Read all about this here.

January 10, 2018     Growing a Servant’s Heart
When Jesus, in Luke 22:27, said “I am among you as one who serves”, you can be sure that He is also serving you today. How then can you apply this attitude of service to your family and others? This day’s article will provide ideas!

January 11, 2018     What’s Inside?
2 Corinthians 4:7 is expounded here. We Christians have a treasure in us that many in this world at first do not see! What is it? You gotta read this!

January 12, 2018     Fitting In
Many of us Christians, and those wanting to believe Christ, see living the Christian way of life as a hindrance to being promoted at our workplace and elsewhere. We realize that the world at large will look down at our Christian beliefs and lifestyle and will often prevent us to succeed in this life. This day’s devotional provides wonderful comfort and inspiration in response to this. Read on!

Greek god, Zeus

January 13, 2018     An Angry God?
In mythology, we see pagan gods who are capricious and easily being angered. Is the true God in heaven the same way? Do you see Him as always against you? This day’s reading will provide you a reason to be grateful and full of praise toward Him.

January 14, 2018     Knowing and Loving
Have you ever felt alone – that no one really cares about you? The Bible, however, says we are sheep intimately known by our Shepherd. This day’s message reflects on this. Be joyful for He loves and cares for you.

January 15, 2018     Pursuing Unity
Racism, throughout history, has always been a pervasive, social disease infecting mankind, but Paul, realizing the diversity of the culture around him, encouraged the church to continue becoming united as one in mission, love and Christ-likeness. Wonderful reading here!

January 16, 2018     The Power of Prayer
Often, when faced with a very difficult situation, we Christians are tempted to say phrases such as, “It will never get resolved” or  ” It will get worse”. But this day’s devotional provides inspiration how prayer will work wonders and how God will respond in one way or another.

George Herber, poet (xxx – xxx)

January 17, 2018     Growing Gratitude
This day’s great article is like a homework assignment for me.  I strongly believe if you apply the principle mentioned here, gratitude toward God will develop and grow! Please read this!

January 18, 2018     Dealing with Delay
No matter what inconveniences occur in your life that slow you down or even change the course of your life, remember yet another principle expounded in this day’s message!

January 19, 2018     By the Spirit’s Power
Similar, yet vastly different from the previous day’s message, this day’s devotional offers two choices you can make when you approach “a mountain” in your life. One of these choices is the better one. Read which one it is!

January 20, 2018     My Help!
Psalm 121 is expounded in this day’s message. How is God a source of your “help”? Be strengthened by understanding what “God’s help” means.

January 21, 2018     Promises, Promises
What do promises and trust have in common? I am sure that if you meditate on these two words you will see a connection. This day’s devotional denotes a spiritual dimension for each of them. Good reading!

January 22, 2018     It’s in the Attitude
The Bible verse, James 1:2, when I first read it, seemed unrealistic and impossible to maintain, but this day’s article strongly upholds that it is all in the attitude – it is all about attitude. You gotta read this!

January 23, 2018     A “Yes” of Love
The love God has for us and the love He wants us to have towards others include this one ingredient – an ingredient that makes all the difference.

January 24, 2018     God of Life
The opposite of “life” is “death”or no life. This day’s devotional greatly shows how God loves life. It is life that He projects everywhere by His creation. Be inspired reading this!

Empire State Building Under construction (1921?

January 25, 2018     True Hope
Much of this world’s methods of providing help in time of need often fall short for lasting relief and benefit. All of us have faced disappointments, heartbreaks and  disillusionment on many fronts, but God allows them in our lives for a purpose. Read more here – especially the conclusion! Wow!

January 26, 2018     Holy, Holy, Holy
This day’s article seemed a little bit of a stretch with me. After reading it, I could not help but shake my head that for me would be eternal ennui regarding what was discussed. It was just too far-fetched an article for me to believe. Read it to know what I mean.

January 27, 2018     The Last Word
This day’s devotional centers around the verses
found in Ecclesiastes 5:1-2 and the attitude most
beneficial for anyone who applies them.
Great read!

January 28, 2018     Joy
One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23  is joy. The writer of Psalm 92:4 expressed this joy in the Old Testament. Be aware of this spiritual gift within you – despite the difficulties and trials that often knock on your door.

January 29, 2018     Like a Little Child
What is it about children that led Christ to tell His disciples that in order to enter the Kingdom of God they had to change and become like them, children? This is a very thought-provoking article.

Coccus Ilicis Insect

January 30, 2018      Able and Available
Words of encouragement, strength and comfort are conveyed in this day’s article centering on Psalm 46:1.

January 31, 2018      White as Snow
Was the prophet Isaiah really describing a bright, red dye obtained from the eggs of a small insect (Coccus Ilicis) in Isaiah 1:18? This day’s message of Our Daily Bread refers to what several Bible commentaries have already explained about this verse. Iinteresting article.



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