Are Aliens From Outer Space Among Us?

If I were given a choice between watching a cowboy western or a science fiction movie, I would choose science fiction without hesitation. I have always loved sci-fi.

As a kid, much of my reading was in scientific, outer space novels. They have always stimulated my imagination. Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Jules Verne were some of the authors I read. There were several lesser known writers as well.

Today, I would enjoy watching television re-runs
such as Star Trek, The Invaders, and StarGate –
whenever I get the chance (and have the time).

TV programs I enjoyed that were less about outer
space but mind boggling nevertheless have been
episodes of: The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits,
and Person of Interest.

New episodes of X-Files began airing on 1/3/18.

Although never a fan of this show, I was surprised to learn that an 11th season of X-Files started last Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 on the Fox channel (US). Ten episodes are planned. And all of them start with “Viewer discretion is advised.”

I became very curious as to why this show was again being continued.  What I watched on that first episode last week I would describe as convoluted, TV sci-fi
renditions and descriptions of:

1) visions,

2) premonitions and

3) prophecy

(Ha! Ha! Ha!)

FBI agents, Mulder and Scully

Then it proceeded to unravel how FBI agent Scully and her husband, FBI agent Mulder’s son, William, was in imminent danger of some sort. Also, Mulder, at the same time, was being targeted to be killed. Why?

The answer to this question became clear to me when, at the conclusion of the episode, it was disclosed that Mulder’s father (“the smoking man”) was the true “father” of William! How? He had apparently artificially inseminated Scully years ago  with DNA or genes from an extraterrestrial being
without her knowledge. This caused the birth of
William – a special, unique child – a new creation.

The plot, I must say, was nothing new to me! It was a perverse
rehash of Biblical symbolism of Joseph (agent Mulder),
Mary (agent Scully) inseminated by an outsider, Father-God
figure (“the smoking man”) which produced a child, Jesus (William).
Just my thoughts. So, what caused me to think about and post all
of this?

Well, weeks before, on December 18th, I watched a segment on the CBS evening news on how the Pentagon has finally admitted that it had indeed sponsored a program of monitoring unidentified flying objects or UFOs. The government is admitting what has been published in tabloids for years –  that it believes aliens from our space do exist.   The government for years has been noting  strange sightings – analyzing them as being possible extraterrestrial visitations.

The YouTube video below is the actual news clip from CBS news that I watched on December 18, one week before Christmas Day. It was NOT about a Santa Claus coming to town, but an admission by the US government to the press that it believes extraterrestrial intelligent beings may indeed have been visiting our humble, planet earth.

Other networks beside CBS similarly broadcasting this included:

* Fox cable news on 12/20/17. . . (Click here)

* ABC news on 12/17/17. . . (Click here)

* Global news on 12/16/17. . . (Click here)

I was amazed at this revelation. Could this be a prelude of what is to happen in 2018? Will the presence of intelligent life from far-away galaxies be officially introduced to the inhabitants of this earth? Will press conferences by top scientists and national defense officials abound regarding these new immigrants?

Will technological capabilities of traveling to different solar systems be made possible because of our dealings with these travelers from outer space? Would advanced manufacturing methods of new spacecrafts begin?

Could it be sheer coincidence that TV shows such as X-Files are now being shown? Maybe it is all some paranoid imagination I am now experiencing.

What are the ramifications if these UFOs are proven to be of alien travelers? What would happen to our world’s way of thinking should this happen?

Well, first the communities comprising all religions and creeds will be in an uproar. There will first be denial and then a re-evaluation of doctrines.  They will consider their faith threatened by many in the scientific world who will proclaim even louder how evolution and not God is the creator of life in the universe.

Science may also continue to further scoff at Bible narratives declaring Ezekiel’s visions, for example, as definite UFO encounters rather than God’s communication with Ezekiel for mankind. Will many lose faith in God because of this?

As a reaction to all this, could a charismatic religious leader all of a sudden elevate himself by using miraculous powers and stating he is or representing the true God on earth and thereby deceiving many to follow?

A grey alien

Could alien presence on earth cause anti-spiritual familiarity toward God?  Will this be the cause by us human inhabitants of rejecting the true Jesus Christ when He returns? Will this cause war against Christ when He resurrects all the saints who have died over the centuries and transforms the saints alive and remaining (1 Thess. 4)?

Can you see how a perceived “war of the worlds” would occur when man-kind alongside alien-kind fight against Christ on the Mount of Olives?

Sounds far-fetched to you, doesn’t it? But, because I have imagined this now, chances are it will never happen. Perhaps I’ve watched one too many sci-fi flicks.

But, my warning for all of you believers in God is: “Christian discretion is advised.”

Be always meditating and studying His Word, the Bible.

Be always prayerfully on guard to NOT becoming
yourselves deceived.

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