Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Music HighwaySeven days ago was January 6th, known by many Christians as the day of Epiphany which commemorates the visitation of the Magi to the birth town of the child, Jesus. I explained that this child they revered would one day be the King of kings and the Lord of lords over the whole earth.

Note: I said earth. What the kings or Magi did before the child Jesus was a preview of what all the kings of earth will do with their nations after
the risen Christ returns and sits on the throne
of David.

But, as of today, most of the ungodly kings of this
world have other gods before them: money, power,
materialism, and themselves. Many do not
acknowledge WHO was responsible for placing them
on their thrones in the first place.

The Magi who followed an extraterrestrial, moving object never attempted to communicate with it.

Jesus not only came to be the Savior of mankind from the result of sin, He came to be, one day and ever after,  the ruler of –  and on – this earth reigning from the throne of David.

Mankind today, as a whole and unconverted, do not want to seek the true God. They do not want to make the effort to worship Him.

So, what do they do instead? They look to the gods they have made. One of their gods is the belief that science is the answer to all of his problems. They place faith that new inventions will help them. New technologies, they hope, will pave the way to prolonged life of ease and pleasure.

As they pursue their gods, many look to the heavens,
outer space, as a possible answer to their limitations
of traveling through galaxies with worlds unknown.

Many have a profound belief that there is intelligent
life where they can communicate and take advantage.
They have been listening acutely for any sound of
intelligent life forms beyond this solar system.

Anyway, the source for the lyrics of the two YouTube videos of the song below, Calling Ocvupants of Interplanetary Craft, was not about the use of radio telescopes in order to contact intelligent beings. It is about the reaching out into outer space using the mind – not quite, yet similar, to the way a person does when he prays to God.

I found this hard to believe, yet, here is what John Woloschuk, one of the song’s writers said about his source of inspiration of this composition:

The idea for this track was suggested by an actual event that is described in The Flying Saucer Reader, a book by Jay David published in 1967. In March 1953 an organization known as the “International Flying Saucer Bureau” sent a bulletin to all its members urging them to participate in an experiment termed “World Contact Day” whereby, at a predetermined date and time, they would attempt to collectively send out a telepathic message to visitors from outer space. The message began with the words…”Calling occupants of interplanetary craft!” [1]

It amazes me how, after many years since the apostle Paul preached the gospel, people still erect images (in this case, a mental image) to an unknown god (Acts 17:22-23) instead of responding to God, the Emmanuel, the “God with us”, who has continually been initiating contacts and having interactions with us already here on earth.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
[1]  “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 10 Jan. 2018,


Karen and Richard Carpenter

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft   (1976)
lyrics – John Woloschuk, Terry Draper (Klaatu)
music – John Woloschuk, Terry Draper (Klaatu)
sung by – The Carpenters
genre – Pop rock, soft rock
side B – “Can’t Smile Without You”
album – Passage


In your mind you have capacities, you know
To telepath messages through the vast unknown
Please close your eyes and concentrate
With every thought you think
Upon the recitation we’re about to sing

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary,
Most extraordinary craft


Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary,

We’ve been observing your earth
And we’d like to make a contact with you
We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary,
Quite extraordinary craft

And please come in peace we beseech you
(Only of love we will teach you)
Our earth may never survive
(So don’t come we beg you)

Please interstellar policemen
Won’t you give us a sign, give us a sign, that we’ve reached you


With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes, you concentrate,
Together that’s the way
To send a message we declare World Contact Day

Calling occupants
Calling occupants

Calling occupants of interplanetary,
Anti-adversary craft

We are your friends

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As sung by the composers of the song in their group, Klaatu …

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