I Am Not Alone (Live)

Music HighwayHere is a message that Max Lucado wrote in his online devotional:

Have you ever gone to the grocery on an empty stomach? You’re a sitting duck. You buy everything you don’t need. Doesn’t matter if it’s good for you—you just want to fill your tummy! When you’re lonely, you do the same in life, pulling stuff off the shelf, not because you need it, but because
you’re hungry for love.

Why do we do it? Because we fear facing life alone. For fear of not fitting in, we take the drugs. For fear of standing out, we wear the clothes. For fear of appearing small, we go into debt and buy the house. For fear of sleeping alone, we sleep with anyone. For fear of not being loved, we search for love in all the wrong places.

But all that changes when we discover God’s perfect love. 1 John 4:18 says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” You are not alone! [1] (Yellow highlighting mine)

The Magi followed a star. They were not alone.

The Magi searching for the Messiah were not without God’s help. They were not alone . God had their accomplishments recorded in the Bible for us today in Matthew chapter two.

How did the Magi ever get to know the Christ child was in Bethlehem? They did not know where at first! According to Matthew 2:2 they saw His star in the East! But wait! Bethlehem was more to the west of them! When they saw the star in the East, it was very likely a rising star showing itself off the horizon  – again, in the East! If they had followed that star they would have ended up in the Far East like in India.

But they instead travelled west, southwest to Jerusalem, not Bethlehem! Why? Well, when saw the star in the East they knew
the Messiah was born in Judea! Why Judea and not Rome or Athens?
Because they were familiar with some Old Testament
Hebrew scriptures stating He would be born there.

Still, they did not know exactly what town Jesus was at that moment. So, the Magi went to the capital city, Jerusalem. When the populace there saw the huge caravan of foreign dignitaries entering town, it stirred them up! Jealous king Herod was also aroused – especially after being asked where was the Messiah – King of the Jews (Matthew 2:4). Herod consulted the religious leaders who knew about the Messianic prophecies. They quoted Micah 5:2 to Herod which pinpointed the Christ being at Bethlehem. So, what happened? Herod told the Magi to go there (Matthew 2:8). They had not, up to that point, been following any star to Bethlehem at all.

But when the Magi continued their journey, a “star” appeared again and moved before them and  “stood” right above where Jesus was ( Matthew 2:9-10 NKJV). What was this star? Here are some possibilities:

Was it a UFO that beamsed a light directly where Christ was born?

1) It may have been a regular star, a distant sun, that God was using. If that star (a sun) had been very close to earth, the surrounding area would have experienced blinding daylight! Or…

2) The movement of this celestial entity in Matthew 2:9 was very characteristic of a planet which appeared to the Magi as a twinkling star due to the earth’s atmosphere. Or …

3) It could have been an angel
(Job 38:7; Isa. 14:12; Rev. 1:20).  Or…

4) It could have been an alien
craft from a different galaxy. If so,
then we are not alone.

Only God knows what it actually was. Nevertheless, it definitely took a miracle for all of this to come about!

What can we learn from this? When you first are learning about Jesus Christ, you should begin to realize you are not alone . From then on, you will never be alone especially when you are seeking His help and guidance. There will be several sources around you, even some secular ones, that will have God’s influence for your growth in faith in Christ, but it will greatly be you reading, hearing and studying the Bible, God’s Word, that will significantly pave the way for all that you do.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

[1] Max Lucado. “You Are Not Alone.” Daily Devotional, 3 July 2013, dailydevotionalz.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/you-are-not-alone/.


I Am Not Alone (Live)   (2015)
lyrics & music – Marty Sampson, Ben Davis, Kari Jobe, Austin Davis, Mia Fieldes, Grant Pittman, Dustin Sauder
sung by – Kari Jobe
genre – Contemporary Christian
album – Majestic


When I walk through deep waters
I know that You will be with me
When I’m standing in the fire
I will not be overcome
Through the valley of the shadow
I will not fear


I am not alone
I am not alone
You will go before me
You will never leave me   [2x]

In the midst of deep sorrow
I see Your light is breaking through
The dark of night will not overtake me
I am pressing into You
Lord, You fight my every battle
And I will not fear

I am not alone
I am not alone
You will go before me
You will never leave me   [4x]

You amaze me
Redeem me
You call me as Your own   [3x]


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