Our Daily Bread – February 2018

Here is this month’s  February 2018 promotional commentary of the monthly devotional called Our Daily Bread. This publication has been around for over 60 years. It was first published in April 1956.

It includes articles related to the Bible and Christian living, a daily Bible reading, an article about the Bible reading and an insight about the passage. It also gives you scriptures so you can read the entire Bible in one year. In other words, it is a treasure to help you in your daily growth with Jesus Christ, your Savior.

Below is a list of the titles of the daily articles from this month’s (February) booklet. Underneath each are my personal brief thoughts about the article.



Michelangelo’s David

February 1, 2018      National Treasure
How did the term “Son of David” being applied to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, ever happen? Did not Jesus disappoint many people at His time? All this and more is in this day’s devotional.

February 2,2018      Stepping into Opportunity
Reading this day’s article will open your eyes to the opportunities available for you to witness Jesus Christ to others. Very motivational reading.

February 3, 2018     How to Change a Life
Spoken words, according to the Scriptures, are very powerful in promoting health – emotional health –
to others. It can lift up or mortify a person’s spirit.
Read more about this here.

February  4, 2018     It is Amazing!
What one thing do Romans 3:23, Hebrews 1:3, John 1:14 and Exodus 40:34-35 have in common? This day’s message will tell you what it is and how it can be seen everywhere!

February 5, 2018     Listening to His Voice
In this day’s reading, you will learn, if you don’t know already, how the voice of God speaks to us. Always keep this day’s concepts in mind as you go about your daily activities.

February 6, 2018    Praising Through Problems
Is it humanly possible to offer praises to God during our most difficult moments in life? Apparently, this day’s devotional says, yes. Read examples here as lessons for all of us to remember.

February  7, 2018     A Blanket for Everyone
Many of us are familiar with Linus’s security blanket in the cartoon series of Charlie Brown. Jesus Christ desires to give us His “blanket” during our time of weakness and insecurity. Interesting article here!

February 8, 2018     The Problem with Pride
This day’s devotional expounds on Proverbs 16:18.  Antidotes for arrogance and pride are given here which lead to wonderful results.

February 9, 2018      Unlikely Friends
This world is full of conflicts between the animal kingdom and the human race. Yet, a time will come when all will change to harmonious and peaceful coexistence. Good reading here!

February 10, 2018     Everywhere and Nowhere
This day’s message is about God’s omnipresence – God is everywhere. But is God nowhere?  What is this “nowhere” discussed in this day’s devotional all about? Because we do not ever see God physically does not mean He does not see us. The significance of this is pointed out in this poignant article.

February 11, 2018     Fault Lines
As the world deals with one refugee situation after another, Christians are being challenged by differences and tensions caused from other cultures. These differences can affect church growth. How the church can deal with all this is discussed in this day’s article.

A Raven

February 12, 2018     Trust Me
When times of drought, famine and other crisis prevail, it becomes difficult to quickly see how God still provides aid in the long run. Interesting reading here!

February 13, 2018     A Blessing Bowl
Many of us Christians are in the front lines where the witnessing and evangelizing Jesus Christ are difficult to carry out – to say the least. Despite the hardships, we Christians can still be a blessing to others. Read how!

February 14, 2018     The Advance Team
No matter what happens to us, maintaining God’s way
of life and trusting in Him point to goodness.
Great article.

February 15, 2018     Following Where He Leads
Becoming a Christian and converting to a new way of living often means leaving something behind in order to follow God’s calling. 1 Kings 19:21 and its applications are discussed here.

February 16, 2018     Loving All
In lieu of the immigration and refugee opinions and political beliefs, this day’s devotional overlooks the fact that Israel was told by God, as they entered the Promised Land, to decimate all of the inhabitants who were living around and among  them. With that in mind, does this article suggest we should even love foreigners into our country who want to destroy his neighbor? Read this thought-provoking article and decide for yourself.

February 17, 2018     Fleeing to Strength
This day’s message provides a sure way to overcoming temptation. In an age where human sexual inappropriateness is making headlines and destroying careers, there is another area of hope for sinners that the secular world overlooks. Great reading!!

Fqebruary 18, 2018     Courage to be Faithful
While reading this article, the verse, Luke 12:11 came to mind – especially the words,  “Do not think what your are to say. ” My thoughts evoked from this day’s reading revolves around the harsh realities Christians (many succumbing to death) are experiencing in many parts of the world.

Although you, as a Christian, may not be in a hostile culture or government against your faith, this day’s reading should be stored in your memory to be useful in the day of reckoning that will soon befall all of us

February 19, 2018     Not Enough?
How can we share what we lack? That question is basically answered in this day’s reading.

February 20, 2018     The Great Physician
Most of us know Christ is the Great Physician of the universe, but why is He great? What is He doing for our lives that is healthy for us? Great reading!

February 21, 2018     Of Spiders and God’s Presence
The Bible repeatedly states God is always near us. Yet, how often do we forget that? And when events in our lives get out of hand, how can we be assured of that fact? This day’s devotional shows you how.

February 22, 2018     Buckling Up!
This day’s message is like a part two of yesterday’s message. This time it is about those moments in our lives when everything around us become turbulent. What can we do? Again, this devotional shows you.

February 23, 2018     Mercy over Judgment
God is a God of mercy and a God of judgement. What distinguishes both and how should our lives reflect Him is what this day’s article is all about.

February 24, 2018     Blooming in the Right Spot
As we grow as Christians, we often desire to sprout into areas God does not want us to be. What choice do we have to prevent this? Read this.

February 25, 2018     Our Sure Foundation
This day’s reading expounds on Isaiah 33:6 on what it means to be on a sure foundation. Great reading.

February 26, 2018     Fearless Giving
Malachi 3:8-9 is expounded here as an example of giving. I disagree somewhat with the article, however. The proportion of the tithe mentioned in Malachi was commanded for the Israelites who had returned from exile. Therefore it was a tax on the nation. This withholding by the Israelites from paying the proportion of one-tenth of their income was tantamount to stealing from God. (God was the head of ancient nation of Israel at that time).

Giving for Christians is more about giving from the heart than the paying a proportion of money legalistically in order to be right with God. I understand what the author of this day’s devotional was trying to say here,  but, sorry, any way I look it, even giving proportionally is still nothing but a tax. But giving from the heart, apart from legislating it, is totally different.

February 27, 2018     The Release of Fear
A recent report I heard stated that approximately 8 out of 10 Americans are under some kind of stress. The words of Christ, once you have internalized them, will work wonders for your soul. Read about this here.

February 28, 2018     Lost but Found
Being spiritually lost does not compare symbolically to a person having memory loss issues and becoming physically lost as this article could be interpreted to imply. Being lost spiritually is not knowing or understanding Christ the Savior – the  Good News.

I may have misunderstood the intent of the message here, but sorry, in my opinion, this day’s article could have used more clarification.




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