I Never Will Marry

Music HighwayOver the last few decades, the institution of marriage between one man and one woman, created by God, has been vehemently assaulted – not just in the United States, but for much of this world.

Also, both men and women (in the United States and elsewhere in Western civilization) are marrying older in life. One report says the average woman among millennials is tying the knot at 27 years of age while the average male
getting married is at 29 years. [1]

But what is most noticeable in this present age
are individuals deciding never to marry at all.

The same report stated several reasons such as
the poor economy causing many men finding
it difficult landing and holding on to employment
due factors such as company downsizing. Thus,
they see themselves as ineligible to be good spouses.

Many women are more and more seeking professional careers and independence and prefer never to marry than being stay-at-home-moms. Please note: I believe they can have careers and be wives and mothers if they are able and willing.

Whatever state you find yourself in, remember all God has already done for you.

Instead of marrying, many couples are in living together arrangements (shacking up). This lifestyle has increased tremendously in number over the years. What is being seen however is one breakup after another due to a lack of commitment. Covenants of marriage are being considered as outdated and even dangerous to optimal, successful living.

Sadly, for many people, there are deep emotional and psychological wounds preventing marriages from ever happening. Due to high domestic divorce rates or homes with poor marriages, many singles have decided never to marry. Because of this many have come to the conclusion that being single is by far better than being unequally yoked emotionally in
a bad marriage.

Currently, with woman’s harassment awareness
increasing, the incentive for even dating and
seeking a spouse has become increasingly
complicated – if not intimidating. It is too
early to tell what the results will be seen from
this in future nuptial statistics that will be
further reasons never to marry.

In another front, I believe celibacy for adult Christians should not be promoted except for very good reasons. Only a small percentage of people are able to maintain a sanctity of being single. Those who do have this God-given calling have greater flexibility in serving others – primarily in the household of God.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe religious institutions should not be in the business of legalistically enforcing celibacy on anyone – especially for entrance into the clergy. The apostle Paul’s insistence for men and women in the church to remain single was due to the sign of the times they were experiencing which was anti-Christian and subject to persecution and martyrdom. Paul was not drafting celibacy as a qualification for the ministry. Paul ultimately admonished that if it is difficult for anyone to remain single, then marry. He was not mandating nor enforcing celibacy for pastors.

Much has already been written on this subject. But I caution Christians everywhere to be free from this form of asceticism. Do not get caught up with the notions rooted in Greek philosophy that promote the ideology that the physical body is evil and that the things of the spirit in man are only to be accepted. When God created man and woman,  flesh and blood, as with all creation, He said they were all good.

I will have more to say about this in future
posts – Lord willing.

The YouTube videos below are examples of how views of love and romance, depicted in our present, Godless world, can lead to drastic situations that often totally end up being tragic. Depression and promiscuity and never coming to an understanding of who you are and why you were born can result with the affirmation of never desiring a marital relationship. You were born for a reason. And with God in you, you will  know what is your calling in life.

To end your life because of a romance gone wrong just does not make sense. Every individual has a high potential for success in this and/or in the next life. Everyone was created for a purpose.

If you are depressed, lonely or even despondent about your state in life, call out to God. He will hear and make Himself evident to you. You may ask, “Why didn’t He contact me earlier?” Answer: It just may be He has been doing so for quite some time through various persons or situations in your life and you just ignored Him or had no interest in Him at all.

Whatever the situation you find yourself at this very moment, I pray God help you find a spouse for you – according to His will. How exactly? I do not know in your case. Everyone’s testimony will ultimately be different. Only you will know.

For many of you, I also strongly suggest you seek those who are close to God and be connected in community. God will thus make many things clear for you.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
[1] Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie Category: BreakPoint, “Take a Stand for Marriage: Join in National Marriage Week!” Break Point, 1 Feb. 2018.


Linda Ronstadt

I Never Will Marry   (early 1800’s)
lyrics – unknown
music – Unknown
sung by – Johnny Cash & Linda Rhonstadt
genre – Tradtional Irish folk ballad
album – Simple Dreams (1977)


One morning as I rambled
Down by the sea shore,
The wind it did whistle,
And the waters did roar.

I heard a fair maiden
Give a pitiful cry,
And it sounded so lonely,
As it swept off on high.


I never will marry
I’ll be no man’s wife
I intend to stay single
For the rest of my life

The shells in the ocean
Flowed by my deathbed
And the rushing deep water
Roam over my head

They say that love is a gentle thing
But it’s only brought me pain
For the only man I ever loved
Has gone on the morning train

She cast her fair body
In the water so deep
And she closed her pretty blue eyes
Forever to sleep

I never will marry
I’ll be no man’s wife
I intend to stay single
For the rest of my life

The shells in the ocean
Flowed by my deathbed
And the rushing deep water
Roam over my head

– – – – — – – – – – – – –
As sung by the Smothers Brothers …

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