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The Circumferences of the Earth – Past, Present and Future

I remember my geography classes in middle and high school explaining the difference between the earth’s latitudes and longitudes. I was taught latitudes go East – West and are parallel to each other away from the equator. Longitudes go North … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ, after He rose from the dead, soon appeared before the disciples without Thomas being present. Afterwards, Thomas made sure not to miss Him the next time. Why? Because Thomas warnted snort-in-your-boots evidence that Jesus was alive again. Yeah, … Continue reading

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Surprised By Hope . . . (book)

For the last few weeks, since mid-February up to now, I have been posting my thoughts about the human body being one of the greatest themes in the Bible. The Bible starts with a special creation of the universe tailor … Continue reading

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Spirit In The Sky

When Jesus Christ was dying on the cross, He said in His last few words in Luke 23:46 …. ” Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” I have always been intrigued with what He said here. Was this … Continue reading

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10 Bible Verses That Can Change Your Life (part 40)

For those of you who have studied the Bible for several years, no matter how often you read a particular verse, oftentimes a new understanding of it will suddenly light up at you as if it were new! Last year, … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Grave …………… {EASTER Doubleheader} – 1

Over these last few weeks and during the season many Christians call Lent, I have been celebrating as much as I can. I have not been criticizing this tradition kept by many Christians, but making a statement that I was … Continue reading

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The Welcome Table …………… {EASTER Doubleheader} – 2

The only place in the Bible I know where we Christians will all be at a table loaded with food and drink is at Christ’s future wedding table that He mentioned during His Last Supper (Matthew 26:29). Yet, the YouTube … Continue reading

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Holy Water …………… { CALVARY Doubleheader } – 2

When did God create water? Answer: When God created the earth in Genesis 1:1. Although the verse does not exactly mention water, I understand it to mean that the seas, lakes, oceans, whatever, were included as being created at that … Continue reading

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The Burden of the Lord …………… {CALVARY Doubleheader} – 1

Revival We Need: Rediscovering The Burden of the Lord by Carl Richardson OASIS O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy. (Habakkuk 3:2) ‚ÄčThere is … Continue reading

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Good News Verses – March 2018

The Christian radio station that I listen to daily is WIHS 104.9 FM based out of Middletown, CT. To me, those involved with this station, as in most Christian radio stations, are broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the … Continue reading

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