All Night Long

Music HighwayA few days ago, many believers in Christ began commemorating the season they call, Lent.  It is basically a time of more concentrated, daily meditation about what Christ endured during His final days on earth.

Many Christians observing this time period have a mindset of solemnity and seriousness regarding the sacrifice of the Savior of mankind. Throughout the season, they focus on the immediate events surrounding Good Friday
and Resurrection Sunday. Reflecting on the pain
of mind and body that Jesus underwent for
mankind’s behalf is their main purpose
during these days.

It is well and good, of course, to think on these
things. It is indeed understandable to meditate
on what God did for us over 2,000 years ago. But
to be extremely overcome with sadness and gloom,
to undergo one’s personal body through frequent
fasting plus engage in various painful exercises
in order to express some sort of penance for forty
or so days is unnecessary.

Again, to be continually sad and constantly watching crucifixion movies, being tearful, being woeful with bleakness and cheerlessness about what happened at the Cross is totally far beyond what we Christians are to be doing at any time period. (Click on: Champagne for Lent).

Jesus, the Son of God, is alive and doing well in heaven. He is in His glory. He is overjoyed in offering salvation for any and all who believe on Him.

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It’s Mostly About The Body On Earth……….. {A Heaven Doubleheader} – 2

Is heaven where we belong?

If you have been following my posts lately, you may have noticed a doctrine much of Christianity holds dearly but where I do not particularly agree. That subject or belief is that of living forever in a place called heaven. Is heaven – where God is now – our home where we belong?

In the previous blog, The Ultimate Trip: Heaven, I posted the transcript of Carl Richardson’s message on the subject of heaven which was broadcast on Friday,
January 19, 2018. Now, before I continue,
I want to convey that I enjoy listening
to his messages every morning on my local
Christian radio station, WIHS 104.9 FM.

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The Ultimate Trip: Heaven …….. {A Heaven Doubleheader} – 1

The Ultimate Trip: Heaven
by Carl Richardson

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain,
for the former things are passed away (Revelation 21:2-4).

All my life I’ve heard about heaven. I’ve heard preachers attempt to describe it. I’ve heard songs about streets of gold, about the pearly white city, about the river of life. I’ve even read books by men who said they didn’t believe in heaven, but who still wrote and dreamed of a place they called Utopia or paradise.

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Whoomp! There It Is!

Music HighwayMoses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments from the Lord, when all of a sudden, God told him to go down quickly to the Israelites because they had made a molten image and were partying and worshipping it.

When he had descended far enough to see the Israelites reveling and dancing around a statue, Moses, in great anger, smashed the codified tablets given to him against the base of the
mountain (Exodus 32:19).

Moses then went to Aaron and demanded an
explanation. Aaron replied that the people
demanded that a god be made since he (Moses)
had been away for “far too long.”

Moses was then told by Aaron how he gathered gold
from the people, cast it into the fire and . . .
“Whoomp! There it is! Out came this calf.”
(Exodus 32:24 KJV)

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Champagne for Lent

The other day my wife sat bewildered in the car after seeing me walk into a package store and purchase a bottle of champagne.

I told her I plan to open it and share it with her on Valentine’s Day (today) which also happens to be Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. She had no problem with that. I will try to make that day extra special for her. But, I also bought the bubbly stuff in order to make a point. What is that point?

Well first, what is Lent? According to Wikipedia, Lent is the Christian observance beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending 40 days later which is
marked with much prayer, penance, self-denial and
even mortifying of the body in some extreme cases. [1]

I have a lot of memories concerning Lent. I remember
when I was a Roman Catholic being told it is the season
for thinking about Jesus and how He suffered, was beaten,
horribly persecuted and went to trial for my sins. In
other words, therefore, Lent is the reminding spiritually
the passion of Christ which includes His crucifixion and

I also remember being told that Jesus Christ, after His Last Supper, did not eat or drink anything while a prisoner at the hands of the Roman government and the religious leaders of Jerusalem. Because of this, many in the Christian community today observe this season before Easter as a time of denying themselves something.

Many Christians voluntarily refrain, for example, from eating sweets or chocolates. Others stop watching a favorite TV program. Among Catholics, meat items are not eaten on Fridays during this time period.

Anyway, this year, as a Christian, I am determined to do the opposite. I plan to rejoice as much as I can during the days before AND after Easter (okay, Resurrection Sunday). I want to offer praise to God as much as possible – physically, spiritually and emotionally. How? With much music, laughter and fun.

Here are two reasons. . . .

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I Never Will Marry

Music HighwayOver the last few decades, the institution of marriage between one man and one woman, created by God, has been vehemently assaulted – not just in the United States, but for much of this world.

Also, both men and women (in the United States and elsewhere in Western civilization) are marrying older in life. One report says the average woman among millennials is tying the knot at 27 years of age while the average male
getting married is at 29 years. [1]

But what is most noticeable in this present age
are individuals deciding never to marry at all.

The same report stated several reasons such as
the poor economy causing many men finding
it difficult landing and holding on to employment
due factors such as company downsizing. Thus,
they see themselves as ineligible to be good spouses.

Many women are more and more seeking professional careers and independence and prefer never to marry than being stay-at-home-moms. Please note: I believe they can have careers and be wives and mothers if they are able and willing.

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10 Bible Verses That Can Change Your Life (part 38)

lighthouseFor those of you who have studied the Bible for several years, no matter how often you read a particular verse, oftentimes a new understanding of it will suddenly light up at you as if it were new!

Last year, there were verses that for years I have been familiar that all of a sudden took on a whole new dimension when I began writing about them.

If you are a new Christian or a person who
does not know yet what the Bible is all about,
I pray that the verses below will cause you to
start thinking differently about yourself and the
world you live in.

On the other hand, chances are you are now beginning to study the Bible. If so, I believe it will be a Supreme Being, the Great God, who will be communicating to you mostly through your thoughts.

Below are ten more Bible verses added from “10 Bible Verses That Can Change Your Life (part 37)” that have changed my life and other people’s lives as well. These verses have been doing this throughout the centuries. I am sure you long-time students of the Bible can think of other verses that are also life-changing.

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Down In The River To Pray

Music HighwayThe Bible, as many of you know, has many incidents of a person doing something with his body in order to receive benefits. In the Old Testament, for example, an incident occurred where a leprous individual was told to go in and out of a the river and become healed (2 Kings 5:1-14).

How do you account for this? It was only water which soaked this man. There was nothing medicinal about the river water. The man basically
got wet. But he was healed!

John the Baptist, was baptizing people mostly using
the Jordan River. Again, there were no magical powers
found in the molecules of the water, but people were
repenting of their sins through the  baptism by John
(Matthew 3:11).

Did these people see John as the prophesied Messiah? No.
He would not let the people believe this.
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Good News Verses – January 2018

The Christian radio station that I listen to daily is WIHS 104.9 FM based out of Middletown, CT. To me, those involved with this station, as in most Christian radio stations, are broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

A segment that this station has been broadcasting for as long as I can remember is The Good News Verse heard every day.
Very early each morning, one thoughtful Bible
passage is given for us to consider and to
meditate. This is then repeated several times
throughout the day.

When I hear each passage, I ask, how is this
“good news” for me? How can I apply it? Why
did the publishers choose it for me to consider?

With that in mind, I have gathered a few of them that were broadcasted a few days ago and posted them here for your review. Underneath each I have listed three ways that the passage is applicable for us to use. Please note that the views and opinions I expressed here for each passage do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of WIHS radio’s staff and management.

As you read them, I am sure you will discover other significant applications than what I have listed.

Below is the collection:

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Our Daily Bread – February 2018

Here is this month’s  February 2018 promotional commentary of the monthly devotional called Our Daily Bread. This publication has been around for over 60 years. It was first published in April 1956.

It includes articles related to the Bible and Christian living, a daily Bible reading, an article about the Bible reading and an insight about the passage. It also gives you scriptures so you can read the entire Bible in one year. In other words, it is a treasure to help you in your daily growth with Jesus Christ, your Savior.

Below is a list of the titles of the daily articles from this month’s (February) booklet. Underneath each are my personal brief thoughts about the article.



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