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Fasting After Baptism?

There are times when I cannot blame any of you atheistsĀ or agnostics out there for not believing in God and the Bible. Really! There are times when I have to shake my head and wonder why IĀ have not become an … Continue reading

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New World In The Morning

In our society there are many atheists wanting nothing to do with God in their lives. And becoming more and more vocal today, these atheists are boldly and aggressively speaking out against anything publicly pointing to God. These people have … Continue reading

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A God Everywhere

A God Everywhere – by Carl Richardson OASIS Is there a God? “I ask the heavens, and the Heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalms 19:1). The heavens make known emphatically, make known in detail, the glory of God. I … Continue reading

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Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

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Why I Am Not An Atheist

Years ago, when I had just accepted Christ and during my high school years, one of the things that began heading my way was views on atheism. Situations and issues came to me almost immediately that began challenging my faith … Continue reading

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