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Those Were The Days

Many of you have fond memories, more or less, of your early childhood days. You can remember when there was always something new to do and anticipate. For many of you, a family atmosphere of love and joy during your … Continue reading

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Keep Looking Up

As you read the Bible, you will come across several accounts where people had to lift up their eyes and observe something supernatural. What they saw was often very critical to their safety, their well being and even their salvation. At this … Continue reading

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You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

When Jesus Christ was born was He ugly to behold? When the Magi wise guys came into the town of Bethlehem and first looked at the Christ child did they gasp, look at each other, grimace, look back at the … Continue reading

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Saving Christmas (the movie)

As many of you readers who have read my previous posts already know, I used to belong to a Christian church that did not believe in the observance of Christmas as well as other orthodox religious days such as Good … Continue reading

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O Holy Night

Can nighttime ever be holy? Can surrounding space that is dark become holy? I can picture an atheist asking these questions about the title and theme of the classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night. I can understand what non-believers may say … Continue reading

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Healing For Broken Relationships (free booklet)

If you are a pastor, a Christian preacher, here is a booklet which you can digest and incorporate into a sermon and present to your flock. The name of the booklet is called: Healing Broken Relationships by Carl Richardson. I … Continue reading

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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The holy angels of God have been around longer than us human beings. They have been endowed with special abilities to serve God. Yet, God’s focus has been on mankind – especially after the spiritual fall of Adam and Eve … Continue reading

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The Ten Commitments Of God

“Life is not always fair, but God is always faithful.” WIHS 104.9 FM radio, Thought For Today (part 1) If you have been following this blog website for any length of time, you would have noticed, many times, my emphasis statement … Continue reading

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The Annunciation to Mary and to Satan

According to Roman Catholic liturgy, the Feast of the Annunciation of Jesus Christ’s conception was observed yesterday, March 25. How do I know this? Well, for one thing, the name of the parochial school that my brother, sister and I attended … Continue reading

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A new year has begun and it is already going by quickly. My desire for you is that this year, 2014, be one of growth and accomplishment as God helps you start and complete tasks that you have already begun … Continue reading

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