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All I Really Want To Do

What was God up to when He created Adam and Eve? I mean, He had already created thousands if not millions of angels to be around Him. Right? Were they perfect? I believe so. Just because one-third of them decided … Continue reading

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Healing For Broken Relationships (free booklet)

If you are a pastor, a Christian preacher, here is a booklet which you can digest and incorporate into a sermon and present to your flock. The name of the booklet is called: Healing Broken Relationships by Carl Richardson. I … Continue reading

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Elevators Will Let You Down (part 2)

In last week’s post (part 1), I wrote how some people are like elevators – they like to elevate you by giving you praise, compliments and accolades in order to advance their own interests and agendas. Jesus Christ said that … Continue reading

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Thank You For Being A Friend

This past November 27, 2013, I posted how the observance of Thanksgiving Day began as a way the United States can say, “Thank you”, to God. In my opinion, over the last few years, many citizens of this nation have dismissed or have … Continue reading

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I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

At this time of the year, especially in the European, the North and South American continents and especially in the United States, there is much activity where family and friends gather together for Christmas festivities and New Year’s celebrations. In … Continue reading

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